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5 Best Cherry Trees To Grow In New Jersey

I strongly suggest you to try English Morello, Montmorency and the Early Richmond if you enjoy cherry sour and want to grow them in New Jersey!

Because of their drought resistance, they’re a low maintenance, yet delicious option!  If you don’t get any cherries from your tree during a particular season, don’t uproot it! Your tree does require a frosty winter to produce cherries.  Next year will be even better than this one! Just wait until then. It doesn’t matter which one you choose is the cherry tree (or trees) for you, remember to water regularly and prune when necessary.!

Corum Sweet Cherry Tree

The light, flavorful cherries of Corum are firm enough to be frozen, brined, and canned. There is no doubt that you will want to eat all the fresh fruit available.

The trees would make a nice addition to any landscape. The purchase and planting of fruiting trees is gaining popularity across the country, even in suburban landscapes.

Well-branched and spreading, this variety thrives in full sun. Spring blossoms are a fascinating ornamental element, and harvest is one of the most beautiful things you will see.

This variety will help you get a jump on the product years. Despite its early maturity, the Sweet Cherry produces high-quality fruit and serves as a valuable pollinator.

Compared to other varieties, this tree has larger leaves. A Corum tree can also serve as a sturdy privacy screen.

Lambert Sweet Cherry Tree

A wonderful addition to the home garden, Lambert (Prunus avium ‘Lambert’) is one of the most dependable and productive Sweet Cherries. Those large, firm cherries have a lovely look and taste.

Sweet cherries from Lambert are dark red, small, thick and heart-shaped. Capture the taste by canning them and using them later in the year.

150 years ago, people grew and enjoyed this delectable variety. Enjoy this special selection.

You can order Lambert Sweet Cherry trees from the knowledgeable growers at Nature Hills today. Your family, friends, and neighbors will be so pleased that you did!

Sweetheart Cherry Tree

an ideal tree for small spaces. By adding another variety, your yield and production will increase.

Sweetheart Cherry Trees have attractive ornamental features and big summer fruits. Just one of these Cherry Trees in your front yard or driveway would be amazing, or even one lining your driveway.

You can maintain the height of Sweetheart Cherry almost to any height and it produces wonderful fruit.

With their four season interest, these trees are a stunning ornamental statement piece, specimen, and fantastic shade tree!

Van Cherry Tree

The medium-sized, upright, rounded leaves on this tree make it a delight for gardeners and makes it ideal for growing in the front yard or mini-orchard.

By the handful, dark-red cherries contrast with the dark-green leaves, tempting you to reach up and grab one of the healthy and tart treats.

It produces shiny, sweet, red-black fruit by mid-June. Your harvest will be more plentiful and bigger when your plants resist cracking.

A delicious fruit, which can be enjoyed fresh or made into jellies, jams, pies or preserves. You can easily preserve excess cherries by freezing them, or dry them to add to trail mix or snack mix.

Black Tartarian Cherry Tree

Among homeowners, Black Tartarian (Prunus avium ‘Black Tartarian’) remains a favorite for its pollination of many cherry varieties and high yields. It will produce years of delicious fruit without much effort from you, so it’s a great choice!

The cherry tree will bloom in abundance with white, fragrant blooms in the spring. With their pure splendor, the clusters of 5-petaled beauties cover the branches.

Once the flowers of the Black Tartarian fade, the tree will fill out with shiny green leaves and begin to form the fruit for which it is renowned. The waxy dark-green foliage is beautifully shaped, with oval leaves that are toothed down the center.

However, don’t forget that your Black Tartarian has remarkable fruit! Throughout early to midsummer, you can pick a sweet snack from the top of your tree’s pyramidal canopy as the sun warms it.

Nanking Cherry Tree

A beautiful and easy-to-care-for bush, Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa) is ideal for the cold winter zones from 2 to 6. Enjoy the taste of the fruit raw or in pies.

There are spectacular flowers in spring! In early spring, pink-rose buds adorn the shrub, which open to showy white flowers. After the long winter, this early bloomer is just what the doctor ordered.

Plants with fragrant flowers and tolerance to frost are true harbingers of spring. Besides providing nectar for butterflies, the white flowers also serve as a welcome source of nectar for pollinators.

Yanking cherries have proven to be delicious in harsh climates for hundreds of years. Contrasting the berries with the attractive, textured foliage, they appear to glow. Cherry blossoms are vivid, translucent red jewels.

You can use it as a long hedge or as single plants. A backyard homestead can be turned into an orchard. Among the earliest Cherry species to bloom, this variety produces a lot of tasty fruit.

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