5 Common Husqvarna YTA18542 Transmission Problems & Solution

When your grass is getting taller and higher, a Husqvarna lawn mower that won’t start, won’t move, rattles when working, or misfires is a frustrating problem to deal with.

Dealing with Husqvarna YTA18542 transmission problems can be daunting, especially when you can’t find the exact reasons for the problems. Essential lawnmower inspections can either address the problem or guide you on the proper path. Oil and fuel level check, fuel tap on, air filter check, and good starting technique are all basics.

But, if that doesn’t work, don’t panic; we’re here to teach you all you need to know about Husqvarna YTA18542 transmission issues.

Quick Table for Husqvarna YTA18542 Transmission Problems, Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions

Below, we will look into a few of the most common transmission problems and solutions that can happen in Husqvarna lawnmowers.

SerialProblemsSymptomsShort Solution
1Won’t StartNo clicksChange fuel, check to spark plugs
2Power keeps turning offStops suddenly during mowingClean carburetor
3SmokingSmoke coming out from the engineClean the air filter and drain engine oil
4Weak hydrostatic transmissionThe mower keeps going slowChange drive belt/replace the pulley
5Vibrating MowerHusqvarna Mower will keep shakingReplace Clutch/secure bolts

5 Common Husqvarna YTA18542 Transmission Problems, Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions:

Well, already you have some short ideas on the issues that can happen to your Husqvarna YTA18542. Let’s dive deeper to explain the problems in detail-

1. Mower Won’t Start

Natural maintenance difficulties can sometimes prohibit your Husqvarna mower from starting. There might be other factors as well.

Why they occur: If your mower doesn’t start, then there are a few things that you must check. Fuel and spark plugs that are either bad or old, Fuel cap, filter, and fuel line that are faulty or blocked, and all probable reasons for your mower not to start.

What are the symptoms: The riding mower will not start, and you will hear no click no matter how hard you attempt to turn it on!

What is the solution: Replace the spark plug with a new one, tighten the connections, and gap it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Check to see if the engine is inundated with oil; if it is, the pulse port line may get centered, preventing the pulse port from operating correctly.

Check to see if any of the check valves have failed. Replace the fuel pump as well as you’ve determined the problem. It’s also a good idea to replace the old fuel with a new one.

2. The power Keeps turning off.

The power dyeing in the lawnmower is another transmission issue. Many people think that it occurs due to a bad battery. But, the problem lies somewhere else.

Why they occur: When the power dies, it could be bad fuel, a plugged air filter, and a clogged carburetor.

What are the symptoms: The Husqvarna mower will usually start, but you will see that the power keeps dyeing whenever you start mowing grass.

What is the solution: The number one thing you should check for is a clogged carburetor. Clean the carburetor and all of its components. If necessary, replace the item. Check for clogged air filters; sometimes, a simple cleaning will be enough. In some circumstances, though, you may need to replace it.

If you discover that the fuel has become black and is in poor condition, you should also replace it.

3. Smoking Mower

Smoke from your Husqvarna YTA18542 mower might be a source of concern. When your engine runs too much and consumes more gasoline than air, smoke might form.

Why they occur: The main cause is that the engine gets inundated with oil. However, if you’re sure there’s no surplus oil, your engine may be losing its crankcase vacuum.

What are the symptoms: You will notice that excessive smoke keep coming from the engine or the crankcase while operating the mower. The smoke will de usually be dark black.

What is the solution: If the problem is caused by too much oil, drain a little engine oil until it reaches the manufacturer’s suggested oil level. Because a clogged air filter might obstruct air movement, make sure you clean it thoroughly.

Furthermore, an oil shortage might cause your engine to overheat due to increased friction. Check to see if the engine oil is sufficient.

4. Weak Hydrostatic Transmission

The hydrostatic transmission of the Husqvarna YTA18542 lawnmower might become weak if the hydraulic oil is insufficient or old.

Why they occur: A faulty drive belt combined with a defective tension pulley might cause your pump to malfunction. Furthermore, low or old hydraulic oil might fail to lubricate the hydraulic system, leading it to appear feeble.

What are the symptoms: Even at the highest speed, you will notice that the mower keeps going slow. No matter how much you push the mower, it will stay slow.

What is the solution: Replace a ragged, broken, or damaged belt, as well as the pulley and tensioner arm, if necessary. You should also change your hydraulic oil regularly since this might result in a sluggish gearbox.

5. Vibrating Mower

The vibrating mower is another serious Husqvarna YTA18542 transmission problem that you must take care of to ensure the perfect working of your mower.

Why they occur: Loose or missing engine mounting bolts can cause a vibration when a bearing fails and slips out of the clutch.

What are the symptoms: When you mow over boulders, sewage lids, branches, and other big items, your Husqvarna riding mower will produce strange or extreme vibrations.

What is the solution: If the engine bolts are missing or loose, the engine will not start. Tighten engine nuts and replace any that are missing. If your clutch is damaged, you should repair it as well.


How to purge a Husqvarna lawn mower transmission?

Push the attachments to lift the lever on the Husqvarna lawn mower to the highest setting on the left side of the operator’s seat. Draw the freewheel control outward and down, locking the gearbox in the disconnected position. Go to the back of the lawnmower and push the freewheel control out, and plummets.

How do I know if my Husqvarna lawn mower is overheating?

An overheated mower motor may lock up or shut down, which prevents additional damage.

Why does my Husqvarna YTA18542 lawnmower die when it gets hot?

Air leaks allow an engine to draw in too much outside air, causing the gasoline-to-air ratio to be thrown off. Parts expand when the engine heats up, causing all minor gaps to widen. As a result, the engine performs poorly and finally shuts down. Loose nuts are a typical cause of a mower engine shutting down when it gets too hot.


Husqvarna YTA18542 transmission problems can be a serious headache, especially when you want to mow your overgrown grass, and it keeps causing different issues.

To get to the root of this transmission problem, you must know the exact reasons that are causing these issues and find solutions for them.

Thus to make your life easier, we wrote this guide to enlist all the transmission problems of Husqvarna YTA18542 together. So you do not need to keep searching for solutions for different issues in different places.

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