5 Common Problems with Kioti RX7320 (Troubleshooting Guide)

Kioti is a very famous brand of tractor manufactured by Daedong Corporation. Kioti rx7320 is a very popular choice among tractor users due to its impressive performance and quality.

Sadly, the Kioti rx7320 has caused some trouble for several customers. So, if you are one of those individuals who have been suffering from Kioti rx7320 problems, this article is just for you.

Poor maintenance is the leading cause of engine failure and dull blades. Other concerns such as fuel supply blockage and electrical system troubles are just a few of the Kioti issues that might arise.

We’ll guide you through the origins of these issues and how to deal with them, so you don’t have to waste money on repair businesses.

Quick Table for Kioti rx7320 Problems, Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions

See below to find out some of the most common problems you can face with your Kioti rx7320.

SerialProblemsSymptomsShort Solutions
1Dull Blades? Uneven  cut on grass ? Resharpen the blades
2Leakage? Engine overheating
? White smoke from the tailpipe  
? Replace Valve
3Block of Fuel Supply? Tractor stops working
? Sudden loss of power
? Pull trapped air
? Add gasoline
4Electrical System issues? Engine keeps turning off or doesn’t start? Replace or charge the battery
5Engine issues? Low fuel consumption
? Hard Start
? Replace spark plugs
? Clean the carburetor

5 Common Problems with Kioti rx7320, Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions:

By now, you should have already gotten an idea about the problem of Kioti rx7320. But in this section, we will break each of these problems in detail and give you the solutions for them.

1. Dull Blades

One of the most prevalent problems with Kioti tractor blades is that they become dull quickly.


It is straightforward to understand whether your tractor has dull blades or not. You can check them while cutting grass.

  • Uneven or irregular cuts on grass
  • They keep getting dull more after every use and take a long time to cut


You do not have any fault with your tractor blades getting dull; it is a very natural phenomenon with every tractor. The probable reason is

  • After a couple of hours of grass cutting time, the tractor blade will become dull if used more frequently.


The solution of fixing dull blades is really easy. Sharpening a tractor blade is a straightforward procedure that you can complete on your own.

  • After every 25 hours of lawn cutting, sharpen your Kioti tractor blade.

2. Leakage

According to reports, most Kioti tractors have quality difficulties with their fittings and valves. As a result, you will encounter leakage concerns at least once in your life.


You can easily understand if your tractor has leakage issues by checking the following symptoms:

  • White smoke from the tailpipe
  • Engine keeps overheating


You need to open your tractor internals to check the probable reason for leakage issues. The most probable cause is

  • Broken or damaged valve


It is not always possible to solve the leakage issue yourself, but if you have proper knowledge, you can do it yourself. All you need to do is

  • Replace the whole damaged valve

3. Block of Fuel Supply

Another set of problems that might appear out of nowhere on these tractors is fuel delivery problems.


If you have any fuel-related concerns, you will almost certainly have some engine sputtering. We recommend that you start by inspecting the vehicle’s filters and fuel injectors to determine the source of the problem.

  • Tractor stops working
  • Sudden loss of power


Several reasons can cause fuel supply blockage. We need to determine the exact reason to find the probable solution for that problem.

  • Trapped air inside the fuel supply line
  • Frozen fuel


To solve these issues, you first need to understand how the fuel line works. The fuel line system is usually divided into two sections: the tank to the filter and the filter to the injection pump (IP). Pluck one part at a time and study it.

  • Block back through the gasoline line under light pressure with a vacuum pump or compressed air if there is a build-up of air inside. This will remove the air.
  • If you have a frozen fuel problem, add a few gallons of gasoline to the tank to warm up the chilly temperature and prevent the fuel from freezing.

4. Electrical System issues

The most prevalent issue is when the battery power fails when it comes to the electrical system. When not in use, Kioti tractor batteries are intended to last for a week or two.


The symptoms can be easy to detect for electrical system issues

  • Engine keeps turning off or doesn’t start


There are only one probable reason for Kioti rx7320 tractor electrical system issues.

  • Dead or uncharged battery


Kioti tractor batteries are supposed to last for four years if maintained properly, so if your battery age is more than that.

  • Replace the battery with a new one
  • Try to charge it with another battery (No need to replace the battery, if this works)

5. Engine Issues

Kioti tractor engines, like those of other manufacturers, are likely to fail if not properly maintained.


Two main reasons are the probable culprit for engine issues in Kioti tractors.

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Hard Start


Even though the engine consists of many working parts, the main reasons for these problems remain with two special parts.

  • Damaged Spark plug
  • Carburetor getting clogged


Both of the above-stated reasons have different solutions. So make sure to detect the problem then proceed with the solutions.

  • For damaged spark plugs, replace with new spark plugs
  • For clogged carburetor, clean the carburetor regularly


Are Kioti tractors any good?

Kioti tractors are one of the highest-selling tractors in the USA. That’s because Kioti attempts to provide the greatest tractors, UTVs, and attachments at the best possible pricing. Not only that, but Kioti offers some of the best after-sales service and support in the industry.

Who makes the engine for Kioti tractors?

Kioti tractors are powered by Daedong diesel engines, which are high-performance and fuel-efficient. These engines have undergone 65 years of continuous development to achieve the greatest level of quality and performance.

Are Kioti Tractors made in china?

Kioti tractors and engines are produced in Korea and China and distributed in North America from North Carolina and Ontario locations.


Dealing with difficulties that arise unexpectedly when running a tractor can be aggravating. Hence, understanding the reason for your Kioti rx7320 problem and the potential solutions is critical. Similarly, the Kioti rx7320 is a good option for a tractor that might cause difficulties if not well maintained.

This is why the primary purpose of our tutorial was to assist you in helping to find the problems of your Kioti rx7320. We hope you found all of the answers to your Kioti tractor problems.

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