8 Common Problems with John Deere L130 and Their Fixes

John Deere L130 is a commonly used mower for small lawns. Just like other mowers the users have faced different issues while using this mower. 

But there are a few problems users face like engine starting issue, engine overheating, uneven cuts, vibrates excessively, etc. are most in common.

I have compiled those problems from different forums in this article for you. So, let’s see the most common John Deere L130 problems you may face and their troubleshooting.

Key Points:

  • John Deere common problems encompass the problems with engine, the electrical connection problems and mower deck problems. 
  • If you regularly check the mower components, keep it clean and repair the components before they get too much damaged, half of the issues should not appear.
  • Some common problems are starting issues, cutting issues, transmission issues etc.

8 Common Problems with John Deere L130 and Troubleshooting:

1. Engine Doesn’t Start 

If your mower doesn’t start or face difficulties in starting, first check if the batteries are in good condition.

Check for defected fuse and any other loose connection.

Make sure the spark plugs are functioning properly. 

If not replace them.

 If the electrical issues are fine, this problem you are probably dealing with fuel issues. 

To begin with, add fuel to the fuel tank if it’s empty.

The fuel should be of right grade.  Old and stale fuel deteriorate over time and develop into sticky elements which eventually clog the filters or the carburetor.

So, drain the old gasoline and fill the tank with fresh gasoline of correct grade.

Also, if the fuel filter, air filter and the carburetor or any one of them is clogged, clean and replace them.

2. Engine Overheats

Engine can primarily overheat due to excessive load.  These mowers are designed to withstand a certain amount of load. When you mow heavy and wet grass for extended period, the engine will overheat. 

There are other reasons too. One of them is air intake or air filter clogging. Engine runs on a mixture of air and gasoline.

When the air intake gets clogged, the mixture lacks air. It can cause the mower to overheat. High or low level of oil and poor quality of oil are some other reasons that can breed this issue.

Check the oil level and fill it to the right level. Mower engines also have cooling fins to cool the heat produced by combustion. They can get blocked by dust.  Check for that also. Give them a good clean.

3. Engine Backfires

If the engine backfires, check if the spark plugs are fouled. Replace the fouled plug. Then check and adjust the throttle, the carburetor and the ignition coil air gap one by one.  

If it still doesn’t get solved, take the mower to the nearby local store.

4. Engine Runs Rough

It usually occurs when the cooling fins are clogged with dirt. Clean the fins thoroughly to fix this. 

Loose electrical connections can also cause the engine to run rough. 

Check for it and repair the defective connections. 

The other fixes can include the spark plug. If the spark plug cannot ignite, your engine will run roughly.

Check the spark plugs and replace them if they are defective.

Lastly, the air filter is also relevant here. Clean or replace it if it is clogged.

5. Uncut Grass or Uneven Cuts

You can sometimes face some issues with the cutting quality of this mower.

The mower deck should be cleaned if grass remain uncut after operation. Worn or blunt blades should be replaced as they won’t be able to cut grass properly.

Level the mower deck. Overfilled grass bagger can also be the reason of uncut grass.

Again, you also have to be aware while running the mower.

Don’t run it too fast.  If you get uneven cuts, level the mower deck.

Look if the tires are pressured evenly. Again, don’t keep the speed too high and make sure the blades are sharp.

Other troubleshoots include fastening mower blade speeds, adjusting mower deck wheels and increasing tire pressure.

6. Mower Vibrates Excessively

Damaged or worn drive belt can cause your mower to vibrate. Replace the belt to solve this.

Your lawn tractor can also vibrate if the blades are loose or unbalanced. Besides, look for any small piece of dirt in your mower.  Clean it properly. 

Aside from these reasons, some mower deck problems can also cause the vibration.  

Remove clogging from mower deck. Replace the worn components of mower pulleys. Balance the blades properly.

7. Transmission Problem

If your mower starts losing the power to get up to slopes or steep hills, their transmission is most probably getting weak.

If you face this, check the drive belt first as they can cause the same problem. Transmission fluids cause this problem in some case. But you cannot do anything with the fluid in L130 model. Same goes for L120 and L140 also.

Now look for any debris stuck in the transaxle. Remove them and reinstall the belt. 

If you lose the drive power suddenly, look if the drive pulley on the transmission input shaft has been stripped out. 

You’ll have to spend 30-40$ to get a new pulley in that case. If none of them is the case, you may have to end up having a transaxle replacement or an upgrade.

However, it is very costly and need expert people to perform this replacement.  That’s why you may choose getting a brand-new mower instead of this.

8. Steering Issues

Your mower may become harder to steer over time. It can either be too hard or loose.

If you encounter this problem, you have to look at the bushing and pinion gear to discover the reason.

If they are worn out, replace them. Bad dampers and incorrect tire pressure can also contribute to this problem.

Is John Deere L130 A Good Mower?

This mower has received mixed reviews from the customers.  Some users really like it and some didn’t. But we can give you some features of it that may help you decide whether it will suit you or not. 

If you have a small flat ground, it can be a good one at cheap price. But you will face problems with the transaxle at hilly lawns. So, if you are to climb hills or have a large area to mow, this is not the best one.

Final Words 

The article discusses almost all the common problems you can face with L130 mower.  However, some other problems may also appear which are actually a by-product of these problems.

The reasons are basically remains same. For instance, clogged air filter can also cause the black smoke.

So, if you go through the filters, fuel tanks or other possible culprits, you will easily diagnose the problem. And if you still cannot find out, see an expert mechanic.

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