5 Most Common Problems with Kubota B7200 (Solutions Added)

The Kubota B7200 is a compact utility tractor that was produced by the company between the years 1983 and 1990. When it comes to tractors, this one checks all the boxes: it’s the right size, it runs well, and it’s dependable.

However, many users have complained that the steering is difficult to control, the engine loses power; the gearbox leaks oil; the hydraulic system becomes too hot; and problems with the electrical system, such as battery failure, are very prevalent in the B7200.

Perhaps you’re wondering what to do about these problems. Don’t worry; I’ve compiled a list of the most practical and efficient ways out of these situations. Here’s a peek at the answers in tabular form.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Kubota B7200:Solutions:
Hydraulic System Is Too HotChange hydraulic fluid
Transmission Fluid OverheatedCheck and repair all cooling components
Excessive Steering Wheel Free PlayChange faulty components
3 Point Hitch Lever ProblemInstall a new hydraulic oil pump
Starter motor cranks slowService charging system or replace battery

5 Most Common Problems with Kubota B7200 and Their Possible Solutions:

You may experience Kubota B7200 problems due to many reasons. Here are some of the reasons and how to solve them.

1. Hydraulic System Is Too Hot

Hydraulic fluid is designed to operate within a certain temperature range. Overheating causes it to thin out and eventually become incapable of performing as expected.

The B7200’s hydraulics can’t work properly if the oil pressure is too low.

A blockage may be to blame if the oil is growing excessively hot despite little use of the hydraulics.

The Fix:

The system overheats due to the incorrect hydraulic oil type. Always use the recommended oil type. The contamination of the hydraulic fluid is another reason of the overheating of the hydraulic system.

Replace hydraulic fluid with new fluid. Air trapped in a hydraulic system must be eliminated; bleed air out of the system. The main relief valve must be replaced if it is faulty.

2. Transmission Fluid Overheated

The transmission fluid appears to have metal particles suspended in it and has a very black color. Overheating of transmission fluid is a common problem. It bubbles up through the boot that covers the shifter’s base and overflows the dipstick. Perhaps the metal flakes and murky liquids are the result of a faulty pump.

Other problems with the B7200’s hydrostatic transmission include excessive transmission noise, inadequate power, and transmission oil leakage.

The Fix:

It is necessary to reduce excessive loading. Verify that all cooling mechanisms are operating properly, and replace or unplug any damaged or clogged cooling component. Check the level of the transmission fluid.  If the fluid level is low, add fluid to the transmission housing. Clean transmission fluid filter that is blocked with debris and replace if damaged.

3. Excessive Steering Wheel Free Play

Steering system of Kubota B7200 is problematic. Stiff steering, excessive steering wheel play, wandering of steering wheel to left or right are some of the common steering issues.

There is an excessive amount of play in the steering wheel. When the steering wheel “has play in it,” it is difficult for the driver to determine the precise position of the front wheels. Excessive play is typically the result of worn steering racks and tie rod ends.

The Fix:

The shaft or bearing in the steering column may be worn. Replace any defective components.

The steering linkage assembly should be checked for wear and adjusted if necessary. If the bearings in the steering gear box are old and worn, you should get new bearings. Look for any faulty components and replace them as required.

4. 3-Point Hitch Lever Problem

B7200 hydraulic issues include a hitch that is either sluggish to raise or won’t rise at all, as well as a hitch that drops too slow or jerks when it does.

The loader and 3-point hitch on the B7200HST have an odd interaction, with the 3 point occasionally causing the loader to move. To cause the loader to move, the 3-point controls are often adjusted manually.

The Fix:

It is possible that the problem is caused by a broken hydraulic pump. A new hydraulic oil pump must be installed.

The main relief valve may be broken and needs to be changed. Check to see if the hydraulic control valve is broken. Put in a new hydraulic valve or fix the one you have.

A broken hydraulic cylinder needs to be fixed or replaced. If there isn’t enough hydraulic fluid, you need to fill up the hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic filter may need to be serviced or changed. Reduce the amount of weight on the hitch.

5. Starter motor cranks slow

Kubota B7200 is not free from electric issues. Starter not working or starter cranks slowly are common electrical issues.

The starter will occasionally give one or two clicks, but in most cases it will do nothing. There have been a few reports that after replacing the key switch, the vehicle is more responsive to the attempt to start, but the starter continues to crank even when the vehicle is not in the start position. Additionally, the starting motor may sometimes spin but will not engage.

The Fix:

Charge the battery as needed. If the battery won’t hold its charge, either the charging mechanism has to be serviced or the battery needs to be replaced.

Check any faulty terminals or battery cables that have been detached, as well as any wire connections, and replace or service terminals as necessary.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

Kubota is a complete producer of agricultural equipment for both rice cultivation and dry-field farming. On Tractorbynet, users have rated the B7200 model an average of 4.7 out of 5. Many customers have expressed their contentment with this tractor’s size, quality, and the amount of power it provides.

The B7200, like all other tractors, has both positive and negative attributes. Few users have encountered difficulties with this machine.

One customer remarked that he is head over heels for the B7200HST. It is tiny enough to fit in his building, yet large enough to do all of his tasks. According to him, the Kubota is a highly dependable tractor with a smooth operation.

Kubota appears to have maintained a steady level of popularity among consumers for quite some time. Like other Kubota models, the B7200 has shown to be reliable and durable.

Another user commented that his favorite part of the day is spending a couple of hours on his Kubota B7200 doing anything he wants: pushing, pulling, cutting, plowing, dragging, etc. For him, it’s almost like going to therapy.

If you’re in the market for one, this model is very dependable, compact, and user-friendly, according to several reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Horsepower Is A Kubota B7200?

17 hp 12.7 kW.

What Engine Is In A Kubota B7200?

Kubota 0.9L 3-cylinder diesel.

How Much Does A Kubota B7200 Weight?

1113 to 1356 pounds.

What Is The Original Price Of Kubota B7200?
$10,500 USD.

Final Thoughts

The most frequent issues that people encounter with the Kubota B7200 have been covered in this article. If any of these problems are causing you distress, implement the fixes I’ve outlined.

I strongly suggest that you perform routine maintenance on your trailer to avoid such issues in the future.

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