4 Most Common Problems with Kubota G1900 (Solution Included)

The Kubota G1900 is highly popular among most homeowners for maintaining their lawn and garden. Kubota launched this particular model in around 1989, and since then, it has been a well-received lawn mower.

However, many Kubota G1900 users reported troubleshooting issues like vehicle won’t work or won’t start, cranks but failing to start, diesel engine starting difficulty in cold, engine stalls or overheats, steering issues, and a few more.

But why do these issues occur with the Kubota G1900? Continue reading the following article to find out all the collective answers.

Problems and Solutions Briefly:

Vehicle Starting Difficulty or FailureSet the engine throttle lever correctly/Clean, service or replace the battery & cable connections/Repair or replace faulty internal fuel components
Diesel Engine Starting Failure in ColdUse the correct seasonal diesel blends/Change or refill the coolant
Engine Hard Start, Stalls or OverheatsService or replace all the faulty internal fuel components, thermostat, radiator, & fan belt/Clean the radiator core & screens
Steering Malfunctioning IssuesChange or add more fluid as required/Repair or replace the tires and reinflate  

4 Most Common Problems with Kubota G1900 and Their Possible Solutions

Let’s find out what are the possible reasons behind these Kubota G1900 problems and learn all the possible solutions-

1. Vehicle Starting Difficulty or Failure:

According to most Kubota G1900 users, this lawn mower sometimes will not start or fails to start like usual.

This can occur due to a wrong transmission shift lever positioning or if the throttle lever is not correctly forwarded.

It can arise if the internal battery connection is corroded or loose, low battery voltage, dead or damaged battery, and if the fuel shutoff valve is turned off.

Such commotions might occur due to contaminated or insufficient fuel level, incorrect oil viscosity, plugged fuel filters, air intake filters, or blown fuses.

Sometimes the mower might crank like usual but will not start.

It happens when the fuel fails to reach the cylinder due to insufficient fuel level, closed shutoff valve, clogged fuel filter, and if the air filter is too cold for the cylinder combustion.

The Fix:

First, put the transmission range shift lever into the neutral.

Place the engine throttle lever forward, and move it to half or full impulse. Inspect the battery and internal battery connection.

Tighten the loose connection, clean the corroded cables and terminals. If necessary, replace the battery.

Turn the fuel shutoff valve on and put the correct fuel type as much as required.

Repair or replace the plugged fuel filter, air filter, and fuses.

2. Diesel Engine Starting Failure in Cold:

Sometimes users notice that starting the G1900 diesel engine during the cold season or weather becomes very difficult.

According to one particular user’s experience, even after trying to start the engine for hours, he failed to keep it running during cold.

This commotion can occur due to improper seasonal diesel blends, not enough bio-diesel percentages, lack of coolant, or the cooling system is not properly maintained. It might be happening because you did not use the correct engine starting aids.

This cold starting failure can arise due to the cold start system malfunctioning, dirty fuel injectors, or faulty switch.

The Fix:

Use the correct seasonal diesel blends or Winter blend additives.

If the bio-diesel percentages are not at the required level let the engine idle for a while before using it on the field. Inspect the coolant quality and level.

Replace or refill with the proper type and level of coolant.

Use the correct engine starting aids such as glow plugs, intake preheaters, and block heaters.

Inspect and service or replace the faulty cold start system, fuel injectors, or switch.

3. Engine Hard Start, Stalls or Overheats:

Kubota G1900 tractor users often report that the engine hard start and stalls just after starting.

These issues might occur due to a lack of fuel flow or no fuel flow.

It also occurs when any of the fuel components such as the tank, hoses, shutoff valve, or fuel filter is not working or has an issue, fuel flow will be affected too.

Similar issues can occur because of black, blue, or white exhaust smoke.

Users often complain about the G1900 engine overheating problem.

This overheating occurs due to an overloaded engine, low coolant level, clogged coolant system, and if there is any loose connection or leaks in the radiator or hoses.

The engine can overheat due to lose or damaged fan belts, dirty radiator core, and screens.

The Fix:

Inspect the tank, hoses, fuel shutoff valve, and fuel filter. Service or replace them as required.

If you see black exhaust smoke check whether the fuel is contaminated or dirty, and change it. Check and replace the air filter, if needed.

If you see blue or white smoke, inspect the fuel inside the muffler, fuel injection nozzle, and thermostat.

Replace or add more fuel as required.

Service or replace the faulty fuel injection nozzle and thermostat.

If the engine is overheating, reduce the engine load or shift to a lower gear. Inspect the coolant level, hoses, radiator, fan belt, and coolant system.

If there are any links or loose connections, tighten it and refill the coolant level as required.

Replace the faulty component and flush the entire coolant system if there’s any blockage.

Clean the radiator core and screens.

4. Steering Malfunctioning Issues:

Another common complaint against the G1900 is the steering malfunctioning, where users have encountered that either the steering seems to loosen or maple to one side.

It happens due to a lack of hydraulic oil level or leaks, low or flat tires, and low tire pressure.

A similar problem can arise due to steering not being properly lubricated or too much steering wheel abuse.

The Fix:

First, check the steering fluid condition and change or add more fluid as required.

If there’s any sign of leaks, service the areas.

Inspect the condition of the tires and reinflate.

Service or replace the tires and reinflate. Seek professional assistance in case of excess steering wheel abuse.

What Majority of the Users Feel About The Kubota G1900?

Based on most Kubota G1900 users’ review reports, this is one of the perfect mowers to have if you are seeking a vehicle to keep your lawn or garden well maintained.

Even one particular G1900 user mentioned that he has been using his G1900 for a long time and admitted that he used the vehicle quite abusively. Still, the tractor has been a strong and dependable work partner throughout all this time.

However, this tractor model also has its fair share of troubleshooting issues. One cannot avoid encountering those problems while using the vehicle. But the good news is that all those typical issues are easily fixable too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which engine is used in the Kubota G1900?

The G1900 mower is equipped with a Kubota 719CC 3-cylinder diesel engine with liquid-cooled horizontal-shaft inline.

How much fuel capacity does the Kubota G1900 have?

The Kubota G1900 features 5 gal or 18.9 L fuel tank capacity.

How much horsepower does the Kubota G1900 have?

The Kubota G1900 engine can produce up to 18HP.

Final Thoughts

Although the Kubota G1900 tractor model has earned 4.9 out of 5 based on consumer review ratings, this website also highlighted typical issues that most users encounter with their G1900.

However, by following the correct user instructions provided by the manufacturer and maintaining the scheduled servicing of the vehicle, one can use the G1900 for a long time.

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