4 Most Common Problems with Kubota TG1860 Mower

The Kubota TG1860 is a 2WD lawn and garden mower from its TG series. Kubota first introduced this model in 1998, but its production got discontinued in 2003.

Although the Kubota TG1860 is one of the well-received tractor models of the Kubota brand. But users also reported several issues like vehicle starting failure, diesel engine starting difficulty in cold, engine overheating, and steering failure.

Now, why do such issues arise with the Kubota TG1860? If you are keen to know the reason and possible solution, read the following article-

Problems and Solutions Briefly:

The TG1860 Won’t StartReplace the battery & all the faulty connections/Open the shutoff valve & replace faulty internal fuel elements.
Diesel Engine Starting Failure in ColdUse correct Kubota recommended seasonal diesel blends/Service or flush the entire coolant system if necessary.
Diesel Engine OverheatsReduce the engine load or shift to a lower gear/Flush the entire cooling system or replace it/Clean the dirty radiator core & screen.
Steering FailureInspect & replace the tires if required/Lubricate the steering linkage/Contact the nearest Kubota dealership for excess steering wheel abuse servicing.

4 Most Common Problems with Kubota TG1860 and Their Possible Solutions

Let’s learn what are the possible reasons behind these issues of the Kubota TG1860 and find out all the possible fixes-

1. The TG1860 Won’t Start:

The Kubota TG1860 mower sometimes fails to start. Users even claimed that they could notice clicks or cranking, but the mower would not start like it was supposed to.

These occur due to the incorrectly positioned transmission gear shift lever or engine throttle lever, corroded/ loose battery connections, low battery voltage, and damaged internal battery.

A similar issue can occur when the fuel shutoff valve is not open and if you have contaminated fuel or a low fuel level.

Starting troubles occur due to incorrect engine oil viscosity, plugged fuel filter, faulty air intake filter, or blown fuses.

The Fix:

Inspect whether the transmission gear shift lever is in the right position or not and put it into neutral.

Put the engine throttle lever forward and move it to either full or half impulse.

Check the current condition of the internal battery, cable connection, terminals, and voltage rate.

Replace the battery and all the faulty connections.

Check on all the internal fuel elements, including fuel condition, fuel level, shutoff valve, fuel filter, air intake filter, and fuses.

Refill the fuel tank with an adequate level of fresh fuel, open the shutoff valve, & replace all the fuel elements.

Inspect the engine oil viscosity and put the correct oil viscosity if necessary.

2. Diesel Engine Starting Failure in Cold:

The TG1860 model users reported experiencing starting issues with this diesel engine during cold weather.

These can happen if you are not using correct seasonal diesel blends or if the biodiesel percentage is more or less than the standard recommendation of Kubota.

If you have not idled the engine for a while before starting it, such starting failure can occur.

It can occur due to improperly maintained cooling systems, improper coolant levels, or quality. It can occur due to a lack of proper starting aid, defective cold start system, dirty fuel injectors, or damaged switch.

The Fix:

Winter blends contain special additives that keep the diesel in liquid form in cold seasons so that you do not encounter any such difficulty starting the engine.

So, use the correct Kubota recommended seasonal diesel blends.

Make sure the biodiesel percentage is either 20% (B20) or less.

Remember to idle the diesel engine before using it.

Inspect the cooling system and coolant level. Add more coolant or change it if needed.

Service or flush the entire coolant system if necessary.

Use correct starting aids such as glow plugs, intake preheaters, or block heaters.

Check the cold start system, the fuel injectors, and switch conditions.

Service or replace the faulty elements if required.

3. Diesel Engine Overheats:

Several users reported that the TG1860 diesel engine sometimes gets overheated, which directly affects the engine performance.

In some cases, users claimed that the engine completely shut off at some point due to overheating.

This problem mostly occurs if your diesel engine is overloaded or has an insufficient coolant level. The diesel engine can overheat if there’s any chance of links or loose connections in the hoses or radiator.

This can happen if the cooling system has any clogged area, which directly blocks or affects the cooling system flow. As a result, the cooling system failed to prevent the engine from overheating during the operation.

A similar issue can arise due to a loose or broken fan belt, dirty radiator core, and screen.

The Fix:

First, make sure that your engine is not overloaded.

Check the coolant condition.

Add enough amount of proper coolant.

Inspect the radiator and hoses for possible links or loose connections.

Service or replace them if needed.

If you see any blockage in the cooling system either flush the entire cooling system or replace it.

If the radiator core and screen look dirty, clean them thoroughly.

Inspect and replace the loose or damaged fan belt if required.

4. Steering Failure:

Another common complaint against Kubota TG1860 mower is sometimes encountering steering malfunctioning issues while using them.

Users mentioned that the steering feels little maple or loose to one side. Some even claimed that immediately after starting, the steering wheel sometimes pulls hard left against the stop.

These issues can occur due to low steering fluid, insufficient or contaminated hydraulic oil, and if there’s any presence of internal leaks. It can arise if your mower tires become a bit flat or low.

It can happen when the steering linkage is out of lubrication. It might occur due to too much abuse of the steering wheel.

The Fix:

Inspect the steering fluid condition first.

Remember to check on the current status of the hydraulic oil.

Change the steering fluid and hydraulic oil if needed.

Inspect if there’s any chance of low tire pressure or reinflating on your mower. Replace the tires.

Lubricate the steering linkage properly.

In case of steering wheel abuse, contact your nearest Kubota servicing center for professional assistance because there’s a serious safety concern.

What Majority of the Users Feel About The Kubota TG1860?

According to most Kubota TG1860 users, this is an excellent choice for lawns and garden maintenance. Some users even claimed that they have been using their mowers for over eight to ten years, and still, these mowers are going strong.

Users also mentioned several troubleshooting issues. But most of the issues are common, unavoidable while using such vehicles, and easily fixable.

Frequently Asked Question

How much Horsepower does a Kubota TG1860 produce?

It can produce 18.2 PS (13.4 kW; 18.0 HP) at 3,000 rpm.

What engine is in a Kubota TG1860?

It is assembled with a 3-cylinder Kubota D722E Engine.

What is the overall weight of a Kubota TG1860?

A Kubota TG1860 weighs around 435 kg (960 lbs).

How much oil does a Kubota TG1860 take?

A Kubota TG1860 requires 3.2 qts 30 wt oil.

Final Thoughts

The Kubota TG1860 has earned 4.6 out of 5 on, but consumers also highlighted some common troubleshooting problems.

However, most of those issues are minor and can occur with any similar type of vehicle overtimes. The good news is that no major issue or accident was reported against this Kubota model by the NHTSA, and all of them are fixable.

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