4 Common Problems with New Holland Workmaster 50 Tractor

A superb selection of features and amenities are available in the Workmaster 50 tractor from New Holland at an affordable price. These tractors are durable, dependable, and fuel-effective.

But it is a matter of sorrow that a vast number of issues with the New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor that many users experienced. You might also have the same problems. 

In short, the most common problems with New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor are seat safety switch, brakes and controls, hydraulic, and battery and wiring issues.

Let’s get started by knowing the reasons behind the issues, how long you are allowed to run your specific tractor with the problems, and the most effective and valuable solutions discussed in this article. Stay tuned till the end!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Seat Safety Switch ProblemsInterchanging the components of the safety seat switch system
Brakes and Controls IssuesFixing brake pedal connections
Hydraulic IssuesSwitching out the hydraulic oil filter
Battery and Wiring IssuesFixing the blown wires

4 Most Common Issues with New Holland Workmaster 50 Tractor and Their Solutions:

Your experience with the New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor may have several problems. The reasons behind the issues and the preferable solutions will be described below.

1. Seat Safety Switch Problems

The New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor’s safety seat switch problems have drawn criticism from several users. Therefore, seat shifts might cause all sorts of complications to appear.

The possibility exists that cumbersome seat settings might cause issues. The engine may be under too much stress when the seat switch is not switched to light, which can lead to various problems.

On this tractor, users occasionally only weigh 200 to 210 lbs., so they have to put the seat in the lowest position in order to keep the delicate engine functioning.

Even with this setting, the engine will shut off if users lean too far back to view the rear types of equipment. Sometimes, a person who is light cannot utilize the tractor.

The Fix:

You must first verify the settings for the seat before working to resolve the safety seat switch on your New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor.

Nonetheless, it’s also conceivable that your seat switch is broken. If that is indeed the case, then you would have to get the entire seat switch changed.

You can interchange the components of the safety seat switch system on your own. It is preferable to take your particular tractor model to the company’s service department, where they will examine the reason behind the issue and provide a better solution for your tractor.

2. Brakes and Controls Issues

These issues are serious for many New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor users. On this tractor, it seems like the brakes engage when the user merely completely depresses the pedals.

A poor setup of the brake pedal connection may be the cause of this braking noise.

In addition, consumers report that when they apply the brakes, their particular tractor moves to one side. It is dangerous since it might result in unexpected accidents as the tractor turns inroads.

It hampers the tilling in the field as well.  An unevenly set brake pedal connection might bring on the problem.

The brakes eventually make noise during an engagement, another problem in this area. The spread of oil pollution is the source of this issue.

The Fix:

Adjust the brake pedal connection for proper pedal travel to start fixing problems with your New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor. Make sure it is easy to press the brakes. Hopefully, the interchange will also make the noise go away.

Make sure that the brake pedal connections are adjusted similarly as well. Your safety and the quality of the user experience depend significantly on where the brakes are connected.

In addition, you should change the transmission oil as quickly as possible and drain the old oil from the gearbox system.

3. Hydraulic Issues

The 3-point top link hydraulic system of the New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor has several problems. Users claim that the 3-point top link system does not lift when the control valve lever is engaged.

Additionally, it creates a low amount of hydraulic oil, which causes the hydraulic oil filter to clog. A malfunctioning hydraulic pump sets off the problem. Additionally, the control valve connection needs to be changed.

Sometimes the connection doesn’t lift all the way. The low amount of hydraulic oil is to blame for this. In addition to this, the hydraulic oil filter clogs up once more.

Users occasionally report that hydraulic fluid overheats. The water circulation valve may haven’t returned to a neutral situation, which led to this problem. Consequently, the level of the hydraulic fluid gets too low.

The Fix:

Detect the level of the hydraulic oil and refill oil as necessary to prevent problems with your New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor’s 3-point hydraulic system. Switch out the hydraulic oil filter if needed.

You may also check for any damage or defective parts that might cause the hydraulics to malfunction to address the same problem. Do not forget that a hydraulic malfunction might also cause a brake issue.

Last but not least, put all the control valve levers back in neutral. It will stop the overheating problem and maintain the correct hydraulic fluid level.

4. Battery and Wiring Issues

The weakness of starting the New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor is one of the first frequent issues that might occur when using it.

When there is battery trouble, the difficulty often manifests itself. When the battery is overused, it loses the ability to need engine power precisely.

A severe problem is loose cables. Having loose or broken wiring is a frequent issue that almost every particular tractor operator will encounter. Most of these issues arise over time, especially when the tractors are not correctly maintained.

The wiring failures can also cause accidents in which users risk getting electrified. 

The Fix:

Since the battery and engine appear to be the most frequent culprits of such issues, the experts often advise you to start there simultaneously. Replace the battery as soon as you can if it is being overused.

You will need to personally locate all the broken wires you can discover and make an effort to fix them to ensure the wiring is mended.

If the wire sustains significant damage, have it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible by a qualified mechanic from the firm’s service center.

Experience of Majority of the Users

The New Holland Workmaster 50 is regarded by most users as a nearly ideal tractor, but after just a few uses, consumers discover the truth.

Customers typically have problems with the brakes and hydraulic system, which can affect the entire tilling experience. Issues tend to build in sequence when users till for extended periods.

However, a condition like blown wiring becomes extremely dangerous for the users, who can be electrocuted. Users frequently visit the support center due to this issue, which is highly prevalent.


How much horsepower does a new holland workmaster 50 have?

New holland workmaster 50’ has 53 HP.

How much does New Holland Workmaster 50 cost?


Does New Holland Workmaster 50 offer cupboard A/C?

It does not offer A/C.

Does New Holland Workmaster 50 offer air brakes?

It does not offer air brakes.

Does New Holland Workmaster 50 offer an Automatic Emissions System? 

Yes. The engines of New Holland Workmaster 50 are authorized to run on B7 biodiesel and its blends for fuel versatility and fulfill stringent Tier 4B emissions criteria to reduce emissions.


I found New Holland Workmaster 50 tractor problems. You should put your money on a better tractor instead. The New Holland Workmaster 50 is fairly feature-rich and attractive; however, the prevalent issue becomes grating for the consumers after some use.

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