5 Common Problems with Scag Freedom Z (Solutions Included)

Scag Freedom Z is a well-received lawnmower that people love using this model for their lawn maintenance.

Scag Freedom Z is a strong and dependable lawnmower, but there are some common troubleshooting issues such as engine starting trouble, steering wheel malfunctioning, hydraulic system failure, and blades not working correctly problem.

Now you might wonder why these issues particularly occur with the Scag Freedom Z and how to fix them? Keep reading the following article to get all the answers!

Problems and Solutions Briefly:

Engine Starting DifficultyEngine’s regular scheduled maintenance required/ Use the correct fuel type and put enough amount of fuel
Steering Wheel Malfunctioning or System FailureService the faulty steering and purge the system/ Get the professional’s help.
Blades Not Working ProperlyInspect fuel filters, injectors, lines, hoses, and the pump/ Service or replace the faulty components and bleed the air out of the fuel system if needed.
Hydraulic System Malfunctioning or FailureUse the correct type of hydraulic oil & fluid/ Inspect, service, or replace the faulty components
Vehicle Abruptly Shuts OffChange the engine oil/ Adjust & tighten the wire connections/ Service or replace the faulty components.

5 Most Common Problems with Scag Freedom Z and Their Possible Solutions

Let’s discover the possible reasons behind those earlier-mentioned Scag Freedom Z problems and find out the possible solutions to fix them-

1. Engine Starting Difficulty:

One of the most common complaints against Scag Freedom Z models is the engine starting difficulty, where users mentioned issues like no cranking, unusual clicking noise coming from the carburetor, slow start, hard start, or no start issue

Sometimes the engine starts normally, but it abruptly shuts down just after starting.

Mainly, such issues arise when the Scag Freedom Z has been used for a couple of years and getting older. But sometimes engine starting difficulty can occur earlier than expected. 

Engine starting trouble on Scag Freedom Z model occurs due to faulty or broken spark plugs, lack of engine’s regular maintenance, lack of fuel or empty fuel tank, incorrect fuel type, plugged fuel filter, and air filter.

It can arise due to a faulty fuel cap that fails to vent, blocked fuel lines, a damaged pump, or a bad carburetor.

The Fix:

Remember to keep your engine regularly maintained. As soon you notice any starting difficulty, inspect whether you have the correct type of fuel and enough fuel in the tank.

If fuel type and level are not the issues, inspect the current condition of the spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, fuel cap, lines, and pump.

Clean, repair, or replace the faulty components. Check the carburetor’s condition and replace it if needed.

2. Steering Wheel Malfunctioning or System Failure:

Another most highlighted Scag Freedom Z troubleshooting issue is the steering system malfunction or failure.

Several users claimed to encounter issues such as the steering wheel not responding or working properly, no power, right wheel failure, and the steering wheel suddenly going off without prior warning.

Steering wheel trouble mostly occurs when you have been using the mower for a couple of years or the user has been using the mower heavily and aggressively without prior scheduled maintenance.

Although steering wheel malfunctioning or failure might seem minor trouble, if you do not give proper attention to fix the issue on time, it can eventually lead you to encounter a major accident soon.

Mainly, due to heavy and aggressive use, sometimes the steering wheel balance turns off balance and causes failure.

The steering wheel can start giving hard time if any internal connecting bolt or screws become loose or break off.

The Fix:

As soon you notice the steering failure, contact the mechanic to service the steering to fix the balance of the steering wheel handles.

You might need to purge the system. So, better to get help from an expert or professional instead of trying the DIY fixing methods.

3. Blades Not Working Properly:

Scag Freedom Z lawnmower users often complain about several blade issues, but this is a very typical lawn mower troubleshooting issue that happens with almost every new or used lawnmower.

Users claimed to notice an uneven cut on the flat as well as uneven ground, heavy high-low appearance, scalloped cut, and rough contour while using the Freedom Z mower.

These issues occur if the lift wear from the blade, the blade somehow turns upside down during grass accumulation, plugged deck, or too much blade angle on deck pitch.

Problems can arise when the ground is uneven. A similar trouble can occur if the deck is mounted improperly, the spindle area is bent or the blade is dull.

Freedom Z lawnmower users complain of noticing uncut grass due to faulty blades occasionally, which occur because of low RPM, too fast ground speed, watery or moist grass on the lawn, dull blade or incorrect sharpening, and belts slipping.

The Fix:

As soon you encounter any earlier mentioned symptoms, inspect the entire fuel system thoroughly, including fuel filters, injectors, lines, hoses, and the pump.

Service or replace the faulty components immediately. Also, bleed the air out of the fuel system if needed.

4. Hydraulic System Malfunctioning or Failure:

Another common troubleshooting problem that frequently Scag Z lawnmower users mention is the hydraulic system malfunctioning or failure.

Several Scag Z Users reported issues like low or no power on both sides, belt squeaks whenever they try to turn forward & reverse.

Even one particular user mentioned that the hydraulic lever on the left side all of a sudden stopped working, but he also noticed that the right side is still working properly.

These types of weird hydraulic issues are common and often occur when the vehicle is getting older and has been through lots of aggressive use.

Hydraulic issues can arise if you are using the wrong type of Hydraulic oil or do not have enough oil in the unit. Such a trouble can arise if the belt is loose or broken or you do not have enough fluid. If fluid filters are not primed properly, such commotion can occur.

The Fix:

As soon you notice a significant hydraulic problem, check the oil type and level as well as fluid type and level.

Inspect the current condition of the fluid filter, pump, and lines. You might have to prime and bleed the system.

Remember to check the belt and if the connection is loose, tighten it properly or replace it if needed.

5. Vehicle Abruptly Shuts Off:

Another commonly mentioned Scag Z troubleshooting issue is this lawnmower tends to shut off abruptly without prior warning or sign. However, it can occur with any utility vehicle or equipment.

This sudden engine shuts off trouble can arise because of dirty or contaminated oil, wrong or loose wire connection, and faulty spark plug. Sometimes, it arises due to jammed fuel lines or faulty carburetor pipes.

The Fix:

As soon you encounter such engine trouble, check the current state of engine oil, wire connection fittings, and spark plug.

Tighten the loose wiring connections if necessary. Change the oil, or add more as required and service or replace the faulty components.

What Majority of the Users Feel About The Scag Freedom Z?

While going through several expert review blogs, articles, consumer forums, and YouTube review vlogs to find out the exact opinion of the Scag Freedom Z owners and experts, I discovered that most reviews are positive.

Even most owners claim that it is one of the strong lawnmowers that performs excellently and requires affordable maintenance.

However, consumers highlighted some typical problems which I already discussed earlier.  But remember, these earlier mentioned and discussed issues can commonly occur with such utility vehicles and equipment.

The good news is that most of these Scag Freedom Z issues are minor, but fortunately, no incidents or accidents reported by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Hydraulic oil does a Scag Freedom Z take?

You can use one gallon of SCAG Genuine OEM 20W-50 Hydro System Hydraulic Oil for your Freedom Z.

How often should you change the oil in your Scag Freedom Z?

You should change the oil after every 100 hours of operation.

Is Scag Freedom Z a commercial mower?

Yes, this particular Scag model is an entry level commercial mower.

How much does the Scag Freedom Z weigh?

A Scag Freedom Z weighs approximately 745 lbs.

Final Thoughts

The Scag Freedom Z is perfect as an entry-level commercial mower and delivers professional quality results.

That’s why numerous homeowners prefer and recommend this particular model. But just like any other brand’s mower model, there are some issues that many users encountered while using their Freedom Z mower.

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