5 Common Problems with Kubota MX5400 & Their Solutions

The Kubota MX5400 is a utility tractor with a 3-cylinder engine. It is a workhorse tractor without all of the bells and whistles of the big L tractor.

However, it also comes with some common issues, like any other Kubota product.

The most common problems with the Kubota MX5400 start with the tractor dying, steering problems, HST issues, oil spillage and fuel filter issues, hydraulic issues, hydrostatic issues and electrical problems.

In this article, I will discuss in detail all of these issues. I will also suggest ways in which you can troubleshoot the issues. So stay till the end to find out!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Kubota MX5400Solutions
Engine DyingCleaning/troubleshooting fuel components and troubleshooting loose connections and failed electronic components.
Steering issuesTake the truck to the dealer.
HST IssuesTake the truck to the dealer and troubleshoot fixable problems.
Hydraulic IssuesTroubleshooting; taking the tractor to the dealership.
Electrical ProblemsTroubleshooting.

5 Most Common Problems with Kubota MX5400 and Their Possible Solutions:

You may experience Kubota MX5400 Problems from 60-200 hours on it. Here are some of the problems and how to solve them.

1. Engine Dying

This problem may start as early as 10 hours on it. An E-20 error code may also display on the dash. Engine tends to die in the middle because of several electrical issues.

For example, the E-20 is a communications’ problem code. You may also get water in the fuel lines. This especially happens if you drive through snowy areas. Kubota has a new option for snow friendly operations of the engine.

That one is quite expensive though.

The Fix:

Adjust the fuel injection pump timing. It is the main culprit for the machine stopping suddenly. In addition, the fuel filter is prone to gather dirt very quickly. Loose nuts and connections are also the main culprit so troubleshoot these accordingly.

Although it seems unrelevant, check the front axle fluid and maintain it properly. You may also want to check for a blown fuse.

2. Steering issues

A common issue with these steerings is that they are a bit wobbly. Additionally, the steering wheel may spin but may not turn the tires. The problem increases while doing heavier work, such as dense bush hogging or pushing the logs.

When you take the load off, you may feel a notching of sort while driving. You may notice slipping of gears or splines. So the problem is with heavy loads.

While operating grapples, you may notice that the wheel is not turning at all. Pushing it will only activate the hydraulic relief (if you know what I mean). The wheel may also not be stiff when the mower is stationary.

The Fix:

There is a problem with the rack piston seal or the control box. Another potential culprit is the pressure release valve. The common thing of air getting stuck in Kubota tractors applies here too.

Whatever the problem, it is better to take it to the dealer rather than navigating yourself and causing a bit more damage.

3. HST Issues

The HST is usually the way to go for any kind of work. It is better than the shuttle transmission. However, the HST tends to get stuck in forward gear pretty often.

In addition, you may find that the tractor is working too hard when climbing steeper slopes.

They may also be more inefficient compared to the price point. The transmission gets overheated too. The most common problem with these transmissions is the jerking or loud noises of the transmission.

The Fix:

You can easily choose the drive gear transmission. But if you have already brought an HST, take the tractor to the dealer for gears stuck.

I do have some advice on do-it-yourself solutions. For example, if you have a broken or improperly set speed control pedal linkage, change it.  

Replace dirty or low transmission fluid level. Ensure that the right amount of transmission fluid is in the system. Repair or replace faulty transmission parts etc.

4. Hydraulic Issues

The Kubota MX5400 is also known to have issues when it comes to employing implements. The implement’s lift is the most frequently encountered problem.

When you want to lower the tool to a given height, it will continue to drop even if you stop it at its chosen position. It will only stop when it reaches the bottom.

If you don’t halt the drop by pulling back on the lever just enough, it won’t work.

The engine seems to be under too much stress as you travel down the road after cutting, having implement all the way up for convenience.

However, you can also hear it release and hold that position if you push the lever down just enough.

The Fix:

Many things can cause the issue. The hydraulic cylinder and pipes can have leaks causing low pressure in hydraulic fluid.

The fluid can get dirty easily by design. Troubleshooting this and additionally taking it to the dealer is the way to solve it.

5. Electrical Problems

The MX series tractors have more power than the BX series. But you see some very annoying electrical problems too. For example, the starter issues with this one. You will find that the starter does not start or turns very slowly.  

In addition to blown fuses which kill the engine, sensors get damaged on these tractors easily. Also, the battery connection can get loose sometimes. This will cause charging slowly.

The Fix:

Finding loose battery connections and troubleshooting them is the way to go. In addition to this, you should keep the cab clean from dirt accumulation because that might hurt the sensors.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

Most users of the Kubota MX5400 have a moderately large patch of land. For example, about 72-80 acres of land. Most users feel that it comes with a lot of options and choices.

The height of the backhoe at rest is 100.1″ or roughly 8.34’. A 12′ long garage can store this tractor pretty easily. The hydrostatic transmission is more preferred by the users over the drive gear transmission.

However, the tractor performs well on both. It also has an adequate power supply. Despite the few hydraulic issues, the loader on this one is very strong.

Although, the MX5400 is suitable for open fields more than the woods. You can use it on lands of 8 acres as well. Overall, it is one of the best series tractors by Kubota and rightfully so.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Kubota MX and L series?

Larger part size of the MX tractor and the easo of accomplishment of heavier tasks than the L tractors.

Where are Kubota MX tractors made?

Manufactured and assempled in the state of Georgia, USA.

What is the difference between Kubota MX5400 and MX6000?

The pivotal difference is in the horsepower of 57 horsepower vs. the 63 horsepower (MX5400 and MX6000 respectively).

Does Kubota MX5400 offer cupboard A/C?

It did not offer A/C. But currently it is standard.

Final Thoughts

According to my research, the Kubota MX5400 tractor is a full-proof tractor. I really had to dig deep in order to find these issues. In Kubota standards, they did amazingly with this one. I would pick it over the BX any day, and I would prefer you the same!

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