5 Common Problems with Mahindra 5555 & Their Solutions

Mahindra 5555 is a utility tractor. It comes with a 2.7L 3-cylinder diesel engine. This is a sought-after model. But it has some issues that can disappoint the customers.

The most common problems with the Mahindra 5555 include but are not limited to loader problems with visibility issues, bad PTO engagement, engine dying, air leaking out of the rims, steering problems etc.

In thisarticle, you will find the brief of all the common problems Mahindra 5555 users are familiar with. I will also give you and overview about the users’ opinion on the tractor. Most importantly, you will find the solution to the problems here, so stay tuned till the end of the article!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Mahindra 5555Solutions
Steering ProblemsBleed steering lines and pour more fluid. For HSU leak, replace it in the dealership.
Engine Dying FrequentlyClean and modify fuel filter. Change engine if necessary.
Air Leaking Out of RimsPainting. The tubing of the wheels.
Fuel Delivery IssuesHeat the gelled fuel, replace the fuel filter.
3pt Hitch ProblemsEmploy the hydraulic pressure lock-out valve.

5 Most Common Problems with Mahindra 5555 and Their Possible Solutions:

You may experience Mahindra 5555 problems due to many reasons. Here are some of the causes of the issues and how to solve them.

1. Steering Problems

A very common problem with these Mahindra 5555 tractors is the loss of steering on one side. This particularly is more on the left side. In addition, users also noticed the steering wheel malfunctioning and losing manoeuvrability.

This loss of one side steering can be traced to a orbital valve dysfunction. That valve, which is attached to your steering wheel, controls the flow to the left and right steering cylinders in a proportional manner.

You may also notice oil leaking beneath the steering wheel due to a busted seal on top of the HSU (it is also known as orbital valve). Even after fixing it, the front tires might make smoother wide turns while making improper ones to the right or left.

The leak happens due to overheating. It is very common in Mahindra tractors.

The Fix:

You may have air stuck in your power steering line. Bleed these lines and pour more fluid. Replace the HSU by taking it to the dealer if you have leaking oil.  

2. Engine Dying Frequently

This is a very typical issue. The engine over-revs wildly, dies, and then won’t start. Limping is also fairly typical.

This can happen due to a few reasons. For example, governor drive rings may degrade in rotary-type ignition pumps. When turbo bearings malfunction or leak, lubricant enters the intake stream.

Fuel lines that are clogged may also be the cause. The gasoline indicator can be on all the time. When the fuel tank is approximately halfway full, the tractor will sputter. After refuelling, it typically resumes normal operation. But it might not start often.

The Fix:

If you take it to a Mahindra dealer, they may suggest a new engine replacement.An engine is far more expensive than a pump. I do have a few suggestions for you in this case.

First, the old filter, a part of the drain plug, should be drained from the tank and discarded. Next, fix a sizable in-line fuel filter.

It is advised to use a transparent filter that makes accumulated gunk visible. A piece of braided line on some Mahindra 5555s can be cut out to accommodate the filter.

Some employ only metal tubes; in this case, a piece of the tube must be cut out and a 3/8-inch gasoline line inserted. If nothing works, then you can try changing the engine.

3. Air Leaking Out of Rims

The Mahindra 5555 is a four-wheel-drive monster. It has a huge adjustable front wheel with separate rims and centers held together by means of loops riveted to the rims. Unfortunately, air can get out of these loops.

Apparently, the loops are spot welded to the rims. There are electrodes that create the fused nuggets or revets. The metal rims can get fractured around these nuggets.

Mind you, the wheels are not covered by 5-year warranty. So, that’s a disappointment considering how frequent this problem happens.

The Fix:

An inexpensive and surface-level repair is spraying them with various paints. It seals most leaks. Some folks apply some rubber goo on really nasty cracks.

Tubing it is a good, systematic fix. Before tubing it, you can brush and clean it. Then reweld every one of the mounting tabs that seem problematic. Grind them down smooth, repaint and then you may tube them up or leave them be.

4. Fuel Delivery Issues

Most people attribute the fuel delivery issues to fuel injectors and injector pumps. But in the case of Mahindra tractors, especially in the 5500 series, gelling during winter is a common scenario.

This happens if you keep your tractor sitting for quite some time during the winter. You may conduct a stick test and not much fuel will show up on it.

The fuel petcock may also get dirty which may obstruct fuel. The fuel line may often deteriorate, causing fuel obstruction as well.

The Fix:

To relieve the gelling, carefully introduce the tractor or the fuel line to the heat source. This can be a lamp or a warm shade and then change the fuel filter. To combat corrosion, change the damaged lines.

However, it is disappointing because the fuel will gel back up once you remove the heat source.

5. 3pt Hitch Problems

When operating backhoes, the 3pt hitch top link backhoe can get folded. Additionally, the 3pt backhoe takes a while to connect completely.

The Fix:

A hydraulic pressure lock-out valve is included in the Mahindra 5555. When the position control lever is fully lifted, it stops hydraulic fluid from reaching the 3-point hitch lift arms.

This effectively freezes them in place. It is intended for use when transporting equipment.

Similarly, no matter what position it is in, the draft control should be unable to move the lift arms. The backhoe’s top link buckling problem should be solved now.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The Mahindra 5555s are good tractors with loaders. People who bought it have had very little if not bad things to say about it. However, the local sales of these tractors are not as much.

If you compare the sales of other 5500 series tractors by Mahindra, that is. The gears are a bit unsynchronized on this one. Especially when you are working with a loader.

Moreover, users have also reported lack of visibility because of the loader. The exhaust smell is available almost all the time due to it’s positioning. This is also harmful for the health.

Overall, as an overseas production company, Mahindra has done a good job if not an impeccable one, with their 5555 tractors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which John Deere is Mahindra 5555 comparable to?

Mahindra 5555 is comparable to John Deere 5E family.

Which Mahindra tractors made in Japan?

The GX 3600 series.

Which Mahindra tractor is best for farming?

Mahindra JIVO 245 DI

Final Thoughts

From this article, I can say that the Mahindra 5555 tractors are quite reliable ones. Although they are less famous than the subsequent 5500 series models.

The most common problems with this one are less invasive than other models. So, if you want to buy the tractor, you have my approval. 

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