The Key Differences Between LS Tractor Vs. Kubota

Are you interested in purchasing a tractor? Unable to determine if LS or Kubota is the superior tractor? Hopefully, after reading this article, you should be able to choose the optimal decision for your specific situation.

Ls Tractor and Kubota manufactured tractors that are differentiated by a number of distinct features. The key distinctions between these two manufacturers’ tractors are their engines, engine power, warranty policies, price, etc.

In this article, comparisons between the tractors of LS Tractor vs Kubota are presented in a simple way. Before picking the tractor between these two companies for your property, you should carefully read the article.

LS Tractor Vs. Kubota: Quick Comparison Table

Several differences exist between the LS Tractor and the Kubota Tractor. Check the comparison table very carefully to determine the differences.

LS Tractor vs. Kubota:

FeaturesLS TractorKubota Tractor
Product LineSub Compact, Compact, Utility TractorSub Compact, Compact, Utility Tractor
EngineYanmar, Mitsubishi, LS Mtron (L3C19, L4C25), etc.Kubota Engines, Cummins, etc.
Engine HP21.5 HP to100.6 HP16.6 HP to 200 HP
PTO HP15 HP to 85.5 HP13.7 HP to159 HP
Seat AdjustabilityYesYes
Overall ComfortGoodGood
Overall EfficiencyEfficientEfficient
Warranty2 Years – 6 Years (With Conditions)2 Years – 6 Years (With Conditions)
Price (USD)Less CostlyMore Costly

About the Brand: LS Tractor Vs. Kubota

Kubota is a Japanese multinational company. In the year 1890, the company was established. It has an American subsidiary Tractor Corporation. Its head office is in Grapevine, Texas. 

For almost 40 years, Grapevine, Texas’s Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) headquarters has been an integral part of the tractor maker’s success in the United States. Its mission is to market and distribute Kubota-engineered products in the United States.

The company manufactures a number of products. This includes tractors and other agricultural equipment, engines, pumps, etc. It also includes equipment for air filtration, water purification, sewage treatment, etc.

LS tractors are manufactured under the LS Mtron company. It is a South Korean heavy machinery company. It is headquartered in Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea. 

It was originally part of the LG conglomeration and was known as LG Tractors. It was established as an independent company in 2003 after being separated from LG Group.

The company manufactures tractors, cables, injection molding machines, and so on. 

What are the Differences between LS Tractor Vs. Kubota on Features?

The similarities and differences between LS Tractor and Kubota have already been presented in the comparison table. Now, the significant distinctive features are described below.

1. Engine:

Both LS Tractor and Kubota equip the majority of their tractors with their own engines. The engines are of high quality in performance.

LS Tractor typically uses its own engines- LS Mtron L3C19 and L4C25 engines, in most of its tractors.

It also uses Yanmar and Mitsubishi engines in some tractor models. 

Kubota also uses its own series of engines in almost all of its tractors. Some tractors of Kubota are powered by Cummins engines.

2. Engine Power:

In the case of power, either engine or PTO, Kubota has the advantage over LS Tractor.

LS Tractor provides engines which horsepower ranging between 21.5 to 100.6 HP.

Kubota, on the other hand, provides engines which horsepower ranging between 16.6 to 200 HP.

Its M7-2 and M8 series tractors have engine power ranging over 100 HP. 

3. PTO Power:

The PTO power of LS Tractor is also comparatively lower than Kubota tractors. It ranges between 15 HP and 85.5 HP. 

In comparison, with higher engine power, Kubota surely has more PTO power than LS Tractor. It ranges from 13.7 HP to159 HP.

4. Warranty:

Both LS tractor and Kubota have a similar warranty duration in their tractors. But the warranty for the tractors of the respective company has its own conditions. 

LS Tractor offers you a warranty of 2 to 6 years on its tractors.

The warranty is limited to the number of hours utilized during the warranty term. Also, it provides an extended warranty on the power train of the tractor.

Kubota also offers the same warranty duration of 2 to 6 years on its tractors.

The warranty for Kubota tractors is also limited to the number of hours utilized during the warranty term.

5. Price:

In terms of pricing, Kubota tractors have a huge price. Whereas the pricing range of LS Tractor is comparatively very much lower than Kubota tractors.

The tractors manufactured by LS Tractor have a price range from $10,099 to $57,496.

In contrast, the tractors manufactured by Kubota have a price range from $11,622 – $1,77,259.

LS Tractor Vs. Kubota: Which One to Choose Finally?

Both LS Tractor and Kubota create an extensive variety of tractors for the benefit of their customers. Therefore, it is a hard choice to make between these two companies’ tractors. 

But some factors make them different from each other. You will choose the one which will satisfy your requirements under your budget. 

LS Tractor has the advantage of powerful engines, good overall comfort, efficiency, reliability, and more importantly an affordable price. 

Kubota also has the advantage of powerful engines, good comfort, efficiency, reliability, powerful engine, and PTO. But the price for Kubota tractors is very much higher compared to LS Tractor. 

If you have a mid-range property and modest work to do and have a tight budget, you may choose tractors of LS Tractor. 

If your property is huge, you have heavy work to do and most importantly have a high budget, you may choose the Kubota tractors with a powerful engine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Largest Tractor Manufactured by LS Tractor?

The largest tractor manufactured by LS Tractor is the LS XP8100 series tractor.

What is the Loader Capacity of the LS MT7 Series Tractor? 

The loader capacity of the LS MT7 series tractor is 5139 lbs.   

What is the Largest Tractor Manufactured by Kubota?

The largest tractor manufactured by Kubota is the Kubota M8 series tractor.

How Much Weight Can a Kubota Tractor Lift?

The largest tractor of Kubota can lift 8,818 lbs. with its front 3-pt hitch and 11,200 lbs. with its rear 3-pt hitch.

What is the Biggest Hydrostatic Tractor Manufactured by Kubota?

The Kubota MX5800 diesel utility tractor is the largest hydrostatic tractor produced by the company.


After reading the article, you have a clear understanding of the differences between LS Tractor vs Kubota. Now, make your decision according to your specific circumstances.

In short, LS Tractors are perfect for those who have a small property and are tight on budget. Choose Kubota tractors with a powerful engine if you have vast property, a heavy workload, and a big budget.

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