What Are The Key Differences Between Gravely and Ferris Mowers

Gravely and Ferris are two renowned brands in the mower industry. For so many decades, the heritage of both companies is well-known. They are difficult to pick between. Nonetheless, if you must select between the two, this article will assist you.

Gravely and Ferris are different in many respects from one another. Their distinguishing characteristics include their engine, engine power, deck size, product warranty, and, most importantly, their pricing.

I will compare and contrast the unique qualities of the Gravely vs Ferris companies in this article. Therefore, be patient and read the entire article to evaluate which company meets your needs.

Gravely Vs. Ferris : Quick Comparison Table

The table below compares and contrasts the various Toro and Gravely features. Have a brief glance at the table that compares the features.

Gravely vs. Ferris:

Product LineWalk-behind, Stand-on, Electric and Zero Turn MowersWalk-behind, Front Mount, Stand-on, Electric and Zero Turn Mowers
Warranty3 Years to 5 Years (with conditions)2 Years to 4 Years (with conditions)
EngineKohler, Kawasaki FS and FX series, Yamaha MX-V EFIKawasaki, Briggs & Stratton, Yanmar, Caterpillar, Vanguard
Power14 HP to 23 HP (Walk-behind)
18.5 HP to 26 HP (Stand-on)
21.5 HP to 38.5 HP (Zero Turn)
10.2 HP to 20.5 HP (Walk-behind)
19 HP to 27 HP (Stand-on)
18.5 HP to 48 HP (Zero Turn)
Mower Deck36’’ – 60’’ (Walk-behind)
32’’ – 60’’ (Stand-on)
34’’ – 72’’ (Zero Turn)
32’’ – 48’’ (Walk-behind)
36’’ – 72’’ (Stand-on)
36’’ – 72’’ (Zero Turn)
Cutting Height1″ to 4″1.5″ to 5″
Seat AdjustabilityYesYes
Overall ComfortGoodGood
Overall EfficiencyEfficientEfficient
PriceComparatively less costly

More costly

About the Brand: Gravely vs. Ferris

Gravely, situated in Brillion, Wisconsin, is renowned for its excellent efficiency, reliability, and ability to produce innovative and helpful equipment. 

In 1922, the Gravely company was established by Benjamin Franklin Gravely and his several backers.  

In 1940, Ben Gravely sold his stake in Gravely Tractor. Studebaker purchased his company in 1960 and renamed it Studebaker-Worthington.

In 1982, Brillion, Wisconsin-based AriensCo bought Gravely. Gravely is the commercial lawn division of AriensCo, with all sales occurring via authorized dealers. 

They presently manufacture motorized lawn and garden equipment, including walk-behind, zero turn, and out-front mowers.

The Ferris company began operations in 1909 as Uebler Milking Machine Company.In 1986, the company shifted its attention to manufacturing commercial lawn mowers in response to the expanding landscaping industry.

The next year, they created and patented the very first walk-behind mower with a hydrostatic drive.

In 1999, Simplicity Manufacturing, Inc. acquired Ferris. Till now, Simplicity increased its personnel, expanded its facility, and invested in product development.

Ferris makes a vast array of products. These include walk-behind mowers, front mount mowers, stand-on mowers, stand-on blowers, electric mowers, zero turn mowers, and various mower attachments and accessories.

What are the Differences Between Gravely Vs. Ferris on Features?

Both Gravely and Ferris have so many differences as mentioned above. Among these, their engines, engine power, mower deck size, warranties, and prices are briefly explained below.

1. Engine:

Both Gravely and Ferris equip their products with quality engines. Some of these engines employed by the two companies are the same, while others are different.

Typically, Gravely mowers are powered by Kohler and Kawasaki FS and FX series engines.

Recently, the company has equipped its mowers with powerful Yamaha MX-V EFI engines, enabling them to cover large areas with ease.

In contrast, Ferris mowers are usually powered by Briggs & Stratton engines.

Ferris also uses Yanmar and Vanguard engines on some of its mowers.

Recently, the company has introduced diesel-powered mowers powered by a Caterpillar engine.

2. Power:

In terms of engine power, both companies are pretty much comparable. They both make mowers with powerful engines.

Gravely equips its walk-behind mowers with engines ranging from 14 to 23 horsepower.

It offers engines ranging from 18.5 horsepower to 26 horsepower for its stand-on mowers.

On its zero turn mowers, the company employs the most powerful engine in the company. The power range of the engine is between 21.5 and 38.5 horsepower.

However, Ferris equips its walk-behind and stand-on lawn mowers with engines that are quite similar to the walk-behind and stand-on mowers of Gravely. 

The range of engine power for its walk-behind and stand-on mowers is 10.2 to 20.5 horsepower and 19 to 27 horsepower, respectively.

The company’s zero turn mowers are more powerful than the zero turn mowers of Gravely. It ranges between 18.5 to 48 horsepower.

3. Mower Deck:

Both Gravely and Ferris feature standard-sized mower decks. Both provide mower decks capable of mowing large fields.

Gravely has mounted a 36- to 60-inch mowing deck to its walk-behind mowers.

They equipped their stand-on mowers with 32- to 60-inch mower decks.

The size of the mower deck on zero turn mowers manufactured by gravely ranges from 34- to 72-inch.

In comparison, Ferris has equipped its walk-behind mowers with 32- to 48-inch mowing decks.

Ferris’s stand-on and zero turn mowers offer the same variety of deck sizes. They provide mower decks ranging in size from 36- inch to 72- inch.

4. Warranty:

Gravely and Ferris are both well-known for their dependability and durability. Both companies provide substantial warranties for all of their products.

Gravely offers a three- to a five-year warranty on its products.

Whereas Ferris has a relatively short warranty duration. The company offers a two- to a four-year warranty on its products.

However, both warranty policies have a number of conditions. Such as,

5. Price:

Gravely and Ferris provide fair prices for their respective products. Nonetheless, they are unique from one another.

The pricing range for various products of Gravely is listed below:

The following is a price list for the various products that Ferris manufactures:

  • $3,799 – $9,149 (Walk-behind)
  • $9,249 – $12,099 (Stand-on)
  • $7,549 – $36,549 (Zero Turn)

Gravely vs. Ferris: Which One to Choose Finally?

On the basis of respective capabilities, it is difficult to select between the Gravely and Ferris mowers.

Both the Gravely and Ferris brands are very durable and efficient. Consumer requirements and individual preferences will likely be significant.

However, there are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a mower. These factors include the size of your property, your budget, and others. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions when purchasing a mower.

Gravely mowers provide a longer warranty, more comfort, and greater efficiency. Also, the walk-behind mowers of Gravely have a relatively bigger mower deck.  

In addition, Gravely mowers are far less expensive than Ferris mowers.

You may also choose Ferris if you have a higher budget to get better performance. It will provide you with a more powerful engine for zero turn mowers.

Additionally, the stand-on mowers of Ferris have a relatively bigger mower deck. The cutting height of the Ferris mower is also greater than that of the Gravely mower.

Due to its lower price, Gravely mowers will have the advantage over Ferris mowers when all factors and conditions are considered.

But if you have a better budget, you can choose Ferris mowers to get better performance in some respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gravely Make a Battery-Powered Mower?

Yes, Gravely has one battery-powered mower. The Pro Turn EV electric zero turn mower of Gravely is its only battery-powered mower.

How Long will a Gravely Mower Last?

Gravely Mower’s service warranties cover up to 1,500 hours of use over the course of five years.

What will Affect the Lifespan of a Ferris Mower?

Many factors affect a Ferris mower’s lifetime. Maintenance, operating hours, environmental conditions, and how you operate your Ferris mower will effect its longevity.

Does Ferris make a Diesel-Powered Mower?

Yes, Ferris has diesel-powered mower. The Ferris IS 6200 and IS 2600 are diesel-powered mowers from Ferris company.


After reading this article, you can make an informed judgment about Gravely vs Ferris companies.  Both of them can provide you with satisfactory service and fulfill your requirements.

However, Ferris delivers convenience and comfort, all factors and conditions considered. Whereas, Gravely mowers are less expensive than Ferris mowers. Therefore, Ferris mowers are great for those with a huge budget.

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