5 Common Problems with Mahindra XTV 750 (Solutions Included)

Mahindra is a prominent vehicle manufacturer who made the XTV 750 models. This utility vehicle has several problems that can be quite annoying for the user.

Electrical issues, a jammed throttle, battery issues, and other issues have been reported with the Mahindra XTV 750. It also has a problem with fuel since there are leaks, which can cause the engine to overheat, rust, and other problems. Problems with starting and stopping are also rather common.

In this article, I will cover each of these issues along with the remedies that are most suited for them. You are also going to receive an insight into the Mahindra xtv 750 problems from the people who actually own it. So, keep an eye out!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Mahindra xtv 750Solutions
1. Electrical ProblemsAddress loose connections and replace switches.
2. Starting problemReplace broken springs, damaged solenoids etc.
3. Throttle stuckChange spark plug, clean filter and deck
4. Battery problemChange battery, fix connections
5. Fuel problemFix any leak, put good oil

5 Most Common Mahindra XTV 750 Problems and Their Possible Solutions:

Some common problems can be found in Mahindra xtv 750 which have some easy and hard solutions. Here are some of them-

1. Electric Problem

There could be a number of electrical problems preventing the vehicle from starting. By chance it does run, it might not keep going for long. 

You realize that nothing is functioning when you press the starter key, so you look elsewhere. It’s also possible that the vehicle will warn you that it’s overheating, but it won’t turn off.

Because of the problems with the electrical system, you could also detect burning plastic. 

You might also be likely to construct out a little quantity of smoke. This is because the wiring is so bad that it’s causing damage.

In many cases, the connections of the battery, particularly the positive end, will be toasted or extremely heated to the feel. 

There is a possibility that the wires, like the throttle cable, will dissolve into the casing. The fact that the throttle won’t move is the indication.

The Fix:

To fix the electric problems, you should first go and check the wires and wiring. If you detect anything wrong with these things you have to change it without a second thought. In case there is a small cut in the wire, you can use tape to fix it. 

Check the battery connections if there are any problems there. If you do not find anything there then it can be caused by any other electric system failure.

You should check the dashboard and if there are any issues with it, you better take it to a professional for better handling of the situation. 

Sometimes, the brake can malfunction due to electric problems as well which is why you should consult a professional for a safer and secure solution. 

2. Starting Problem

Another common problem with Mahindra xtv 750 is it may not start! The Mahindra xtv 750 is highly vulnerable to pausing and stopping than the newer ones. The scenario in which the vehicle runs for several minutes before stopping or stalling is the one that occurs most frequently. 

But it is too early to say what is causing the issue. It can be caused due to bad spark plugs, carburetor filter problems, etc

The first thing you need to do is find out what is causing the starting problem. 

The Fix:

It may be impossible to run the engine if the air filter has gotten too jammed or too dirty to function properly. After every 25 hours that the engine is used, either wash or change the foam filters or change the paper filters. This will prevent this from occurring.

If the cause is the bad spark plug, then it is better to change it. But if you see that it can be cleaned and the carbon residue can be removed, then you can do that.

Take the spark plug out and soak it in spark plug cleaner and then wipe the dirt off the plug with a clean cloth. Reinstall it.

3. Throttle Stuck

The engine’s output is managed via the vehicle’s throttle. Most vehicles have levers that can be used to raise or reduce power. To get the vehicle going, you’ll need a throttle that works. 

The engine may not be able to start when the throttle is locked in the closed position. The throttle wire, that connects the throttle control to the engine, can be cleaned, lubricated, and slightly adjusted to cure most throttle issues.

The Fix:

Here is how you can fix the issue-

Remove all dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the throttle of the engine. Find the throttle by tracing the line that controls it through the handle of the vehicle all the way to where it connects to the throttle directly.

Apply some spray lubricant on the throttle. Remove any extra lubrication from it by wiping it down.

Screwdriver pressure applied to the throttle should cause it to slide back and forth, engaging the lubricant in the process.

You’ll find the tweak for the throttle on the bottom of its handle, just below where the cable connects to it. Rotate it to make the cable as tight as you want it to be. The throttle may not rotate if there is slack in the cable.

4. Battery Problem

Mahindra xtv 750 has shown some battery problems as well. It is seen that the battery constantly dies in this vehicle. The charging system is the main problem in this matter. It does not kick till 1800 rpm which is quite high.

The Fix:

The fix for this problem can be critical. If the system is somehow made this way due to a manufacturing defect there is not much that you can do about it. 

You should contact the dealer or the company to help you fix it if you are under warranty. Otherwise, it may cost you some bucks.

If it is due to the wiring problem then you can change the cables and it should solve the problem. 

If the battery is old or defective, change it as well.

5. Fuel Problem

The fuel problem in this vehicle can be caused by many reasons. One of them is the fuel leak. Due to this problem, you will get less fuel economy. It can cause the color of the fuel to turn different and some shades can be seen in the oil. 

When you put wrong grade oil, it can cause various issues such as engine problems, corrosions, etc. 

The Fix:

First of all, find any leak inside the fuel tank. If you find anything take it to a professional servicing shop for repair. If you want to fix it, it might not work right as we may not have all the necessary tools to fix it.

If the problem is not the oil, it can be the quality of the oil. Empty the oil tank and clean it thoroughly. Then put new oil. 

What Majority of the Users Feel about Mahindra XTV?

People who have used this vehicle made by Mahindra did not like it very much. Most of them had some issues that they have found in the engine section or the problem with battery or steering, etc.

One user mentioned that this vehicle was not the best that he has bought. He faced several problems and it was quite expensive to fix them all.

Another user said this vehicle is average. It has a fair share of problems but it is a comfortable vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mahindra xtv 750 good?

Well, there are many common problems in this Mahindra xtv 750. Hence, it is not that good.

How much horsepower is a Mahindra xtv 750?

Mahindra xtv 750 has 27 horsepower.

Which engine does Mahindra xtv 750 use?

It uses a Kohler gas engine.

Final Thoughts

Mahindra makes many good vehicles but the xtv 750 model is not one of them. It has several problems which are quite common in most of the pieces. But there are some remedies that you can follow to solve them.

If you have read this article, you should know some of the most common Mahindra xtv 750 problems and how you can solve them.

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