4 Most Common Problems with Bobcat 753 (Solutions Included)

The incredible and cutting-edge capabilities of Bobcat loaders have earned them a strong reputation across the globe. They offer the customers the ability to relax with convenience and elegance while doing laborious tasks on their behalf.

But this Bobcat 753 skid can show some issues like starting problems, problems with the hydraulic pump, etc. Drive control problems due to the connectors fault can be seen as well. Steering problem is also something you may face.

However, in this article, you will learn about Bobcat 753 problems in detail and know how to solve the issues easily.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Bobcat 753Solutions
1. Hydrostatic pump problemFix seal, fix leaks, get rid of the air in system
2. Starting problemReplace broken spark plugs, clean filters, etc.
3. Drive control problemsFix the connectors, change circuit board
4. Steering problemChange damaged bearings

4 Common Bobcat 753 Problems and Their Solutions:

The Bobcat 753 is an amazing machine and yet you can run into some trouble with it. Here are some problems and solution for your convenience-

1. Hydrostatic Pump Problem

High levels of noise, heat, unpredictable cylinder operation, reduced speed or lacking, reduced hydraulic motor speed, and system failure are all signs of pump difficulties.


Noise like pounding and knocking almost often signals that there is air in the system or cavitation produced by inadequate pressure.

Both of these issues can have severe repercussions if they are not resolved as soon as possible.


Hydraulic leaks are common within the system, yet there are no obvious symptoms of a problem with the equipment’s appearance.

If there are leaks around the surface of the pump, you may see a reduced performance, pressure decreases, or oil smearing the casing.

Seals failing:

When your seals continually fail and leak, it’s possible that your pump is running with a twisted or misplaced rod.

The Fix:

The only way to get rid of these noises is to locate the place in the system where the air is coming in and then take the necessary actions to repair it.

The leakage issue could be fixed by tightening a valve or changing a seal before it causes problems throughout the entire system.

A knowledgeable mechanic could be capable of fixing your existing equipment, but this will vary on the level of damage sustained by the seal.

If this is the case, you will be able to make the utmost use of it and reduce your expenses.

2. Starting Problem

Starting problem in Bobcat 753 can be caused by a few problems.

Your Bobcat won’t run if fuel is prevented from entering the ignition chamber of the engine during the ignition phase. It’s possible that you can move the oil along by tapping the outside of the carburetor occasionally. Changing the gasoline filter should be done if that does not resolve the issue.

If the battery is dead or having problems, then the starting problem can arise because it needs electric power to start.

A bad spark plug can also hinder the starting of your skid steer. If the plug is damaged it can supply the electricity which will cause the problem.

You should also check the air filter for it can get clogged and stop the airflow which may hamper the starting of the Bobcat.

The Fix:

First of all, if you see that the fuel is not entering the carburetor you should shake and move the skid steer on one side and it should move the oil. If it does not help, you should see an expert.

If the battery is a problem, then it is better to change it. An old battery will cause many electrical problems.

The spark plug has to be changed if you see that it is not working anymore. It may not be a good decision to try to repair it.

Always try to keep your air filter clean for using your skid steer without any problem.

3. Drive Control Problems

There are a few instances wherein operators of the Bobcat 753 skid steer find that the drive controls for the loader are not responding to their directed commands.

These issues can sometimes be linked directly to steering or loader connections that became disconnected and that have gotten loose; in this instance, you may require to rejoin them or tighten them so that they function properly again.

The Fix:

It is strongly suggested that you investigate the cables which are attached to the control panel and make certain that they are linked in the appropriate method. The hydraulic pump and the actuators are connected by cables.

Once you are unsuccessful to address the problem by employing any of the alternative solutions available to you, it is possible that it will be necessary to replace the entire circuit board that is located on the control panel.

4. Steering Problem

Problems with the steering may be brought on by a wide variety of factors. If the tire pressure on the lawnmower is extremely insufficient, you may have trouble turning the mower.

It’s possible that the steering shaft or the steering gear component became worn out, which would explain the problem.

In addition, the drag connection on the mower may have gotten loose, which could have contributed to the bounce and vibrations in the steering wheel.

To our good fortune, fixing the steering is not a laborious process and can be done by the user themselves.

The Fix:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do to get the lawnmower ready for repair is to place it on level ground and switch off the engine.

Step 2: Assess the tire pressure. If it appears to be too low, you should add air to the tires.

Step 3: Step three involves releasing the steering support bolts in order to inspect the steering gear.

Step 4: Change any bearings that have been damaged.

Step 5: If any of the bearings, axles, or washers that make up the steering system are broken in any way, replace them.

Step 6: Inspect the drag connection that is attached to the tie rod and the gear sector in the sixth step.

Step 7: Once the issues have been resolved, it is time to evaluate the performance of the lawnmower.

What Majority of the Users Feel about Bobcat 753?

The Bobcat 753 is a reliable machine that features a robust powertrain. The Bobcat 753 skid steer loader is a versatile piece of machinery that can be put to use on construction sites, farms, and even in machine rental yards. It is offered in a broad variety of variants to meet your specific requirements.

Users of this skid steer have mostly given positive reviews. They enjoyed the performance it provided. The engine it has given great power for heavy work.

People loved the durability of this skid steer. Many of them said that they are using this one for many years now and have not faced any problems with it.

But some of the users of this Bobcat said they had encountered some major and minor problems in this one. The problems were mostly related to starting issues.

However, in most of the cases, they were able to fix the problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What year did they make Bobcat 753?

Bobcat 753 has been produced between the years 1999 and 2003.

How much will a 753 Bobcat lift?

It can lift about 1300 pounds.

What motor is in a Bobcat 753?

This Bobcat uses Kubota V2203-E Rebuilt Engine.

Final Thoughts

Bobcat 753 is a user choice for a good skid steer. It has given the users a good time while working. However, sometimes even a good skid can show some issues which can be annoying and the 753 is no different. But the good thing is that now you have learned about common Bobcat 753 problems and how to solve them.

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