7 Common Problems with New Holland LX665 (Solutions Added)

The new Holland LX665 is a compact tractor that is an effective alternative to many large skid steers in a small place. This mid-size machine can be used to move dirt or in grading or other maintenance work on your residential area. But what if you face New Holland LX665 problems? How can you deal with them?

Some usual problems with a New Holland tractor are lost hydraulic, crank noise, and oil leak on a skid loader. You might also face sudden death with some light indication, sudden death after a one-hour operation without any indications, showing err-02 on display, etc.

To deal with these issues, you need to check on the brake calipers, repair the leakages on the loader, install a new flex place, and check the fuel and connections with the pump. It’s best to know the solutions to those issues.

Quick Table for New Holland Lx665 Problems, Reasons Symptoms, and Solutions

If you think it’s better to take a glance at the short table with all the information rather than going into the details, you can do it. But we suggest looking into the details after that for better understanding.

SerialProblemsSymptomsShort Solutions
1Lost hydraulicsBrake is not working
No power on forwarding or backward moving
No lifting power
Fix the broken flex plate
Replace the whole spline shaft
2Not startingStuck in a position with rotating belts
No movement on forward and backward
No indication on the display
Try service/run switch
Check all the fuses
Check in the instrument cluster
Check the seat switches
3Crank noiseNoise after turning on the shaft
Noise continues until the engine is stopped
Disc is softer than splines
Replace all four brake caliper discs on both sides
Install new brake pads
4Oil leak on skid loaderFuel is running too quickly
Smell of oil inside the engine parts
Repair the leakages on pipelines
Change the drain plug
Replace the oil tank
5Sudden death after several lightsIndicating pressure light, fluid light, filter light without reasons
Stalled several times
Check the pressure switch of transmission under the seat
Check all the fluids
Repair the pressure sensor
6Engine death after one-hour operationStart beeping and suddenly shut down
Oil leakage
Check the pressure switch
Repair the connections
7Err 02 error code on the displayShows err 02 code
Engine runs normally, but the problem still remains
Repair the fuel shut-off solenoid
Try service/run switch

7 Common Problems with New Holland Lx665 , Symptoms, and Solutions:

Even a machine like the New Holland LX665 can have problems. And most of the time, you can’t drive it at all. So, it’s better to research the most common issues of your New Holland LX machine and take the necessary measures.

1. Lost Hydraulics

Without hydraulic power, you can’t lift a heavyweight, and that means you can’t work at all in your yard. So, disassemble the parts and find out what happened here!


Whenever there’s a problem like loss of hydraulic power, you will get immediate signs of that like

  • Brake pads are not working
  • No control on weight lifting
  • No power to move


Loss of hydraulic power is a massive problem for a skid steer. It would help if you found the root causes as soon as possible. However, the possible reasons could be:

  • Broken flex plates
  • Problems with the hydraulic pump
  • Issues with splines


Don’t just sit there if you locate the cause. Act on some necessary measures to get rid of those problems permanently.

  • Repair or replace the flexplates
  • Change the entire spline assembly
  • Checks the hydraulic pump

2. Not Starting

It’s pretty common that your New Holland tractor is not starting. How can you start your work in the yard if the machine has not even started yet!


Well, the signs of a non-functioning New Holland are pretty obvious. All you need to do is take a careful look if there’s a struggle with starting the machine.

  • Single position with rotating belts
  • No movement on the wheels
  • No indication on the display


What can cause such troubles when you have to pay such high rent hourly and not make it fruitful. Here’re quite a few causes:

  • Rust in the rotating belts
  • No fuel in the engine
  • Issues with the fuses or instrument cluster


After finding the causes, just jump into the solution without any delay. Just remember to categorize them.

  • Remove the rust from rotating belts
  • Check the fuel and ignition light
  • Fill up the fuel tank
  • Try the service/run switch
  • Check or repair the fuses
  • Check in the instrument cluster
  • Repair the seat switches

3. Crank Noise

What’s that noise after you turn on the machine? Well, it’s coming from the brake caliper parts.


There are some simple indications when there’s a problem with the crank and produce noises like-

  • Making noise whenever you turn on the shaft
  • Continuous noise until you shut off the machine
  • Discs get softer than the splines


No symptoms come without creating a problem. You just have to find the reasons and deal with the crank noise.

  • A low-quality disc that bends easily under slight pressure
  • Corrosion on the bearings
  • Decay on the splines
  • Issues with the brake pads


To get rid of this crank noise problem, you need to come up with immediate solutions like

  • Change the brake pads
  • Replace the whole spline and discs
  • Buy some high-quality steel disc

4. Oil Leak on Skid Loader

Fuel is getting costlier day by day. How can you tolerate oil leakage on your New Holland making such a huge loss?


Even if you realize the problems, the signs will remind you repeatedly about the oil leakage issue on your tractor.

  • Quick finish of fuel than average times
  • Smell of oil inside the engine parts


Typically, a new engine doesn’t have any oil leakage. An old engine can show such issues, but at which cause?

  • Leakage on the pipeline
  • Damaged fuel tank
  • Faulty drain plug


Waste no time when there’s an oil leak on your skid loader. Find the arrangement to fix the issue.

  • Repair the pipeline and change if necessary
  • Replace the fuel tank
  • Check the drain plug and repair if damaged

5. Sudden Death

Carry some mud and wood on your skid loader, but it suddenly stops! This kind of sudden death is not a piece of good news, especially in the middle of work.


The sudden death of your engine will show you some signs that you can easily recognize, like

  • Indicating pressure light, fluid light, filter light without any reasons
  • Stalled several times with some intervals


When several lights are blinking during operation, there have to be some reasons indicating the sudden death of your engine.

  • Faulty pressure switch under the seat of transmission
  • Low-quality fluids have been used
  • Pressure mismanagement


If you don’t fix the defect right away, it may damage some other engine parts and cost you heavily.

  • Repair the pressure switch immediately
  • Try to use high-grade fluids and fuels in the engine
  • Follow the manual to adjust the pressure

6. Engine Death after Running Sometimes

Smooth running on your New Holland for around one or two hours. Then it’s making some beeping noise and shutting down for some minutes!


Some extreme indications will appear and acknowledge you about the issue. Just take a deep look at the engine’s activity.

  • Beeping sound and machine shut down
  • Engine runs for an hour and again 5 seconds shut down
  • Smell of oils from the engine


Engine death is a pretty issue and needs to monitor every movement of the engine until you solve it. So, what are the causes?

  • Faulty fuses
  • Faulty pressure switch
  • Oil leakage


Don’t let your engine get damaged anymore. Just work on the solution as soon as you find the reasons.

  • Check and repair the fuses
  • Inspect the pressure drop and the pressure switch properly
  • Repair the leakages

7. Showing Err 02 on Display

Though displaying error 02 is not very common until there’s some code or electrical system error, it’s still annoying and could be a real issue.


It’s a simple problem with some simple signs that are easy to notice just by looking at the display.

  • Shows “err 02” code
  • Problem remains even if the engine runs appropriately


There must be some reason behind such an error on display. So, here’re the possible causes you may find:

  • Faulty fuel shut-off solenoid
  • Error code on service switch feature


If the danger is true, you need to act on the necessary measures and get rid of this issue for good.

  • Repair the fuel shut-off solenoid
  • Check the switch feature code from a repair center


How to start a new Holland LX665?

First, put your keys on the ignition switch. Check the parking brake and two gears on both your left and right. It would help to get them moving without any jams. Check the foot pedals and make them relaxed.

Turn the key on and check out the lights on the top. Bring it out of the idle by taking it out of the basement. Release the parking brake, and it’s ready to go on.

What type of engine is on my new Holland?

The New Holland series has a powerful diesel engine with four cylinders. This engine can produce up to 50 horsepower.

Despite weighing 6400 pounds, it can handle residential tasks pretty easily. Your New Holland has 121 ci (2 L) displacement capacity.

What’s the capacity of my new Holland LX665?

Your New Holland LX665 has an oil capacity of 6.7L or 1.77 gallons. It can easily handle items under 1700 pounds.

Though its dimensions are 25.3*20.3*27.5 inches, it can efficiently work in your backyard without any damage. With 35% tipping, it has a lifting capacity of 1190 pounds (540kg).

Is it too expensive to run a skid steer?

You need to pay some if you take a skid steer on rent. The average cost to run a skid steer is $25.26 per hour, $167.56 per day, $667.84 per week, and $2385.37 per month.

It’s pretty expensive to own a skid steer, and that’s why it’s better to manage it for rent and use it for your purposes.


The New Holland LX665 would be a great friend in helping you with your heavy residential work. You don’t need to use a large skid loader with a higher cost. Just set the skid on your garage, fill up the fuel tank, smooth the parts, and it’s ready for your service.

But what if there are some issues with the engine that might threaten your skid and your work? Hopefully, our discussion on New Holland LX665 problems and solutions has enough clearance. You can deal by yourself by just following our guidelines!

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