4 Most Common Problems with John Deere 955 (Troubleshooting)

Regardless of which tractor you use, after a certain amount of time, you will run into issues that will need to be addressed in order for your tractor to continue to function correctly. John Deere 955 tractors are the same way.

John Deere has a solid reputation in the equipment market, and the John Deere 955 is no exception, with a 33 horsepower power engine. In the compact tractor market, this tractor is a monster. However, issues such as oil leaks, smoke, and engine failure continue to plague it.

So, today in this article, we will list a few of the most commonly faced John Deere 955 problems and their solutions.

Quick Table for John Deere 955 Problems, Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions

After our own research and discovering real-time experiences with problems of customers, we have found out the most common issues of John Deere 955

SerialProblemsSymptomsShort Solutions
1Oil leaks? You will see random wet spots on your tractor? Clean carburetor
? Replace fuel tank
? Check fuel lines
? Change oil cap
2Smoking Tractor? Black smoke coming from the tractor? Clean air filter
? Drain engine oil  
3Weak Hydrostatic? The tractor won’t move perfectly? Replace the hydraulic oil
4Engine failure? Tractor won’t start? Replace fuel
? Replace damaged spark plug
? Replace fuel pump
? Replace faulty safety switch

4 Common Problems with john Deere 955, Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions:

Here we will elaborate on John Deere 955’s problems further, explaining the signs and possible reasons behind the issues. People with basic repairing knowledge might fix them independently or know what to do.

1. Oil leaks

Oil leakage on your tractor can be pretty irritating, and it often indicates some deeper internal issues.


There can be a variety of reasons that can cause oil leakage in your tractor. Check below to see the reasons.

  • A dirty or clogged carburetor
  • Damaged fuel tank
  • Bad fuel lines
  • Damaged fuel cap


It might be difficult to locate the source of your John Deere mower’s oil leak. There isn’t always a significant wet spot to indicate where the problem is. Hence you need to check

  • Check carefully for unusual oily wet spots in your tractor


As oil leakage can be caused due to many different reasons, you should check all possible roots of the problem.

  • Clean the carburetor properly and replace any damaged parts
  • Replace the old and broken fuel pump
  • Check the fuel lines and replace them if needed
  • Replace the old gas cap

2. Smoking Tractor

You might be wondering how a tractor can smoke. Well, technically, it can have smoke coming out from your John Deere 955 tractors.


When your tractor is going rich, it produces black smoke due to a greater fuel-to-air ratio.

  • Dirty air filter
  • Too much engine oil


When you try to turn your tractor on, you will see that 

  • Unusual black smoke is coming from the tractor


Follow these solutions below to get rid of the tractor smoking problem

  • Clean air filter
  • Sometimes there is excess engine oil; simply drain excess engine oil

3. Weak Hydrostatic

A weak hydrostatic issue can cause many troubles in your tractors; your tractor won’t be able to run or work properly.


Even though there can be many damages that can result in a weak hydrostatic system, the main reason is

  • Hydraulic oil that is low or old may unable to lubricate the hydraulic system.


A weak hydrostatic system will cause your tractor to show symptoms like

  • Tractor won’t move or work properly


A simple yet effective solution to solve this problem is

  • Change the hydraulic oil and make sure to check them on a regular basis

4. Engine failure

This is one of the most critical problems all tractor owners face, and not just John Deere 955 owners.


Engine failure is a versatile problem that can occur due to many reasons, which are

  • Bad fuel
  • Damaged spark plug
  • Bad fuel pump
  • Faulty safety switch


Look for objects that might be causing an air or fuel restriction when your John Deere tractor doesn’t start.

  • Tractor won’t start


A faulty engine isn’t that easy to fix by yourself, so you need to be careful while fixing a faulty engine.

  • Change fuel and use the recommended grade of fuel
  • Replace faulty spark plugs
  • Try to repair or change the safety switch
  • Change the fuel pump with a new one; it’s not a good idea to repair a damaged fuel pump.


What year is a John Deere 955?

The John Deere 955 tractor was introduced in 1989 and produced for nine years until 1998.

How can you tell the year of a John Deere tractor by serial number?

In a 17-symbol VIN, identify the letter and digits in places nine through twelve. Alphabetically listed the security code, calendar year of manufacture, transmission code, and wheel or track classification. The manufacturing year will be indicated by an A for 2010, a B for 2011, etc.


John Deere 955 is an excellent compact tractor for small farms and lawns; however, it does suffer from some problems over time, and the users often end up searching for John Deere 955 problems.

Hence, today listed all the common problems that a John Deere 955 can face. We even discussed all the solutions for these problems, so now you can easily understand the cause of the problem in your tractor and fix them following our easy guide.

Always remember to properly maintain your tractor as this will help your tractor to give optimum performance, and as a result, the probability of you suffering from any problems decreases.

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