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6 Best Flowering Trees To Grow In Maryland

Do you own a property that does not have one or more flowering trees that burst forth in spectacular beauty each spring?

Landscape designer Shelley Russell of Level Green Landscaping suggests these beauties to you. Although they look stunning, don’t be fooled by their stylish looks, as all the clothes she selected are “urban tough.”

I agree with Russell that flowering trees add a pop of color, a great pop of color. “A commercial property needs to have a good curb appeal because it is going to be seen by many people. If your buildings are gray and drab, they can really make your property stand out because they can change the entire look of the building.”

Your yard can turn from plain and boring to a very beautiful one in a matter of minutes if you have trees in bloom. In our flowering tree catalog, we have a wide variety of colors and bloom times of flowering trees. You might want to add some color to your landscape by planting a Crape Myrtle, a dogwood, a redbud, or a cherry. Your tree can also attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, so you will enjoy watching them.

Jane Magnolia Tree

It is believed that the Reddish Purple blooms, fragrance, color and long-lasting blooms of the Jane Magnolia tree (Magnolia x ‘Jane’) have made the tree a prized ornamental tree. It is possible to use them as a hedge along your house or as an accent plant along the edge of your patio planting bed.

I have made Jane attractive for those who love all of the features they enjoy, without requiring any commitment to a large space or significant care. Stunning tulip-shaped flowers with a vivid purple center appear in late spring, before the leaves appear, with an 8-9 inch height. During the course of the season, it will continue to rebloom periodically.

There are a lot of hardy plants in this category. As a result, you can enjoy its performance without having to fuss or worry about it. Just as the flowers are beginning to show a bit of color and will grow a few smaller leaves.

The leaves of the Jane are leathery and dark green, and measure six inches in length in the summer. Fall brings out the gorgeous copper-yellow colors in the leaves. During the fall, the leaves of the Jane Magnolia drop off, and it is a deciduous shrub.

American Linden

The Nature Hills company is pleased to offer the highly sought-after American Linden tree (Tilia americana). The foliage of this species of tree is lush and warm, and its wood is strong and durable. With time, Linden becomes a valuable addition to your yard.

Dappled shade is cast by the large, heart-shaped leaves during the summer. This shade tree grows on thick, evenly spaced branches and is dark green.

The majestic landscape of Linden is well known. Large landscapes take advantage of the impact of this stately tree.

A large tree with yellow flowers, the American Linden is also known as the Basswood tree. Their nectar will attract pollinators, whose pollen sacs will be filled with nectar and transported back to the hive. The best honey is Basswood honey!

Honey of this quality is rich and dark. A stand of American linden set among a pasture or back lot can operate a profitable beekeeping business for homesteaders and entrepreneurs.

A nutlet is attached to a 3-4″ wing, and the pale green wings add visual interest to your tree for the late summer. When autumn arrives, the leaves deepen into a mellow yellow color.

Green spire Linden

Is your site for a tree challenging? The wind might be blowing. Could it be too dry or too wet? Is the tree required to live between the sidewalk and the street? Can you imagine a small backyard in the middle of the city? Is salt or smog a concern for you?

Greenspire® Linden (Tilia cordata ‘PNI 6025’) trees have strong pyramidal shapes. It’s neat, uniform, and trim. We think you’ll like how it looks.

A tree of this kind is also one of the most adaptable on earth. Greenspire Linden thrives in urban environments as well. All it needs is a spot in full sun!

Shade trees, they make excellent trees. Use one near a patio or along the street to create an accent. Place one near a house corner for anchoring a foundation planting. Alternatively, plant a group of three grasses to create a lovely view from your deck.

The early summer flowers at Greenspire are one of the most attractive aspects of the tree. What a great tree to bloom right after the others are finished. Honeybees and butterflies in the area will love the yummy, spicy scent, as will you.

An additional great feature is the fall color. When it gets cooler at night, the emerald-green leaves turn a beautiful gold. Fall brings out a wonderful glow in Greenspire Linden leaves!

Purple Robe Locust Tree

Are you looking for an ornamental native tree that grows fast, has hard wood and is easy to care for? This tree literally can’t be kept in stock! Black Locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Purple Robe’) has been improved.

Because of the outstanding fragrance and the wonderful purple flower color, it’s become incredibly popular. In addition to being tough and drought-tolerant, Purple Robe Locust trees also grow at a fast clip of two to three feet per year once they are established.

In mid-spring and late spring, Purple Robe Locust trees develop a long spike of purple flowers that is very similar to Wisteria flowers. Each of these clusters of fragrant flowers can measure up to eight inches long and covers the tree profusely!

It is quite impressive, so you should cut some and enjoy them in a cut flower arrangement indoors. Improved varieties are less thorny than their predecessors, but be careful as some branches will grow thorns. One of the best purple flowering trees in Maryland.

Bonfire Peach Tree

There are so many colorful features to the Bonfire Peach! In addition to its colorful foliage, one of the best features of the Bonfire Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Bonfire’) is its three-season show!

Spring is marked by the appearance of eye-catching rosy buds. They soon develop into striking, bright pink flowers with deep-pink centers, nearly smothering the branches. You will surely turn the heads of all your friends and neighbors with this stunning effect!

Spring foliage shows off its unique color display only until it is replaced by summer foliage that presents a uniquely colorful appearance all season long. Your Bonfire Peach leaves appear dark-red, maturing into deep burgundy.

Autumn foliage has a golden tint! If you look underneath the leaves in the late summer-early fall, you will find tiny, round treasures. You may not notice the tiny fruits your Bonfire Peach produces, but they are there. Pies and canned goods can be made with its white flesh with red striations. Raw apples are generally not eaten.

Lavender Chiffon Rose of Sharon Shrub

A deciduous shrub with ornamental features, Lavender Chiffon® Rose of Sharon is a shrub of the rose family. The plant will look breathtaking in any perennial bed or hedge.

Container plants may also be grown on the porch or patio. If you would like to add a creative touch to lavender Chiffon®, it can even be pruned into a small tree.

The Hibiscus syriacus ‘Notwoodone’ (PP#12619) is one of the largest and most prolific Hibiscus varieties you can choose from. The blooms are typically 3 to 4 inches wide and fully double in late summer. The lavender flowers are large and have a lacy center, like an anemone.

Each flower lasts just a few days, but more continue to bloom from summer to fall. Lavender Chiffon’s 3-lobed foliage is 4 inches long, giving it an elegant appearance in your yard.

Having its upright forms, vase shapes, and impressive colors, it makes an impression in your yard. It will grow in any soil, unless it is extremely dry or wet.

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