6 Most Common Exmark Commercial 30 Problems and Their Fixes

In terms of productivity, the Commercial 30 self-propelled walk-behind mower sets new standards. Twin blade efficiency and easier maintenance are just some of the new features of this mower.

However, this mower, is causing a lot of headaches for most of its users. The blade is broken, the engine is making a lot of noise, and more. Any number of factors might be at blame for this issue such as a drained fuel tank, a clogged fuel filter or worn out blades, etc.

Don’t worry, we’ll go through the Exmark commercial 30 problems and their possible solutions today.

6 Common Problems with Exmark Commercial 30 and Their Solutions:

Take a look at the list of Exmark commercial 30 issues and the remedies provided below:

1. The engine will not start, will start slowly, or will stop operating altogether

If the engine on your Exmark commercial 30, self-propelled walk-behind mower is not running, it might be because the fuel tank is empty or the fuel shutdown valve is blocked.

Many of its users are experiencing this issue. Another reasons why this is happening are that the throttle-choke-engine stop control is not in the right position, there is dirt, water, or stale gasoline in the fuel system. The spark plug wire is not connected, and there is dirt in the fuel filter.

To avoid this, please maintain your fuel tank full at all times. Turn off the fuel valve. occasionally Depending on the situation, you may need to clean, modify or replace the spark plug. Replace the fuel filter and make sure the spark plug wires are properly connected.

2. The engine is erratic

The following are the reasons why your mower’s engine is operating erratically:  the wire is not attached to the sparkplug or the spark plug is faulty.

In order to resolve this issue, the wire should be connected to the spark plug. Clean and fine-tune the spark plug. You might try shifting the control to the Fast setting.

3. Extreme vibrations from a lawnmower or motor

Running a lawnmower might be hampered by the mower’s rattling. Most of the time, this is due to the blades being twisted or out of balance. The bolts holding the blade to the engine may be misaligned. Clippings and other debris can be found on the lawn mower deck’s bottom.

It appears like the engine pulley has been messed up. The spindle of the blade is twisted or damage to the belt.

To solve this issue, balance the blades, if the blades are bent try replacing them. Tighten up the engine mounting bolt. And if needed replace the belt.

4. The cutting pattern that isn’t uniform

Exmark’s commercial 30 mower has a very uneven cutting pattern. This problem may develop if the heights of the four wheels are not uniform.

Using the same mowing pattern again and over may also be to blame for your mower cutting unevenly. underbelly of the mower may be blocked by dirt or the blade spindle may be twisted.

Equalize the height of all four wheels and the blades should be honed and balanced. It is possible to remedy this problem by changing the mowing pattern.

5. Transmission Problems

The engine is usually linked to the drive belt, which gives power to the gearbox.

When the mower’s transmission receives power from the drive belt, the mower wheels begin to turn. If the lawnmower’s gearbox is faulty, we’ll need to keep an eye on it.

If the wheels aren’t moving, but the pulley is, we know that the gearbox isn’t operating properly.

Transmissions are notoriously difficult to repair, therefore the only option is to tighten all of the transmission lines.

6. Troubleshooting Battery Issues

Many additional Exmark commercial 30 x issues can be exacerbated by battery issues, so it’s important to keep an eye out for them.

You must ensure that the battery is well charged so that it can go a long way.

You can also ensure that the mower will last a long time if we maintain the battery charged properly.

The battery is charged by using spark plugs. To ensure the safety of the battery, we recommend performing a spark plug change every 100 hours. The mower will be damaged if we keep using the same old spark plugs. As a result, the battery’s overall performance will suffer.

Even if the mower is not in use, we should charge the battery a few times.

How To Clean Exmark Commercial 30 Mower

Cleaning the mower and following regular maintenance procedures may sometimes assist stop your Exmark commercial 30 from giving rise to many issues.

To clean your mower, follow these steps:

  • Clean Engine and Exhaust System Area:

Excessive debris in the cooling air intake and exhaust systems of the engine can lead to overheating of the engine and exhaust system, posing a fire risk.

Clean the engine and exhaust system. Turn off engine, then remove spark plug wire. Clear the rotating air intake screen, shroud, and exhaust system of all debris. Remove extra grease or oil from the engine and exhaust system.

  • Clean Grass Build-Up Under Deck:

Stop the engine and remove the spark plug wire.  Keep the lawn mower housing clean for optimal use.

You can do this by two methods one is the washing method and the other one is scrapping method.

  • Cleaning the Discharge Tunnel and Plug:

Always double-check that the discharge tunnel door is properly closed whenever you release the handle. If the material prevents the discharge door from closing, thoroughly clean the interior of the discharge tunnel and the door.

  • Debris Removal:

To begin, turn off the engine and remove the key. Engage the parking brake and lower your vehicle.

Make sure there isn’t any oil build-up anywhere near the engine or the exhaust region, and also confirm that the cutting deck is free of any debris or grass that may have accumulated there.

How long are commercial push mowers expected to last?

Lawnmowers, when properly cared for, may endure for upwards of ten years.

If we don’t take proper care of it, it can persist for four to five years. It will only last two years if used in a grueling manner.


Using a lawnmower will almost always result in issues. We may, however, prevent issues with Exmark commercial 30 if we take the right precautions. Initially, it may appear that we’re spending a bit more than we should, but it’s well worth it.

To extend the life of the lawnmower, we need to clean, apply spray-on lubrication, and tighten the screws. We strongly advise the use of a high-end lawnmower. It’s possible to utilize a low-cost lawnmower if you take care of it.

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