Common Problems with John Deere D140 and The Solutions

John Deere is one of the most popular mowers. Many people have been using the mowers for many years. One of the top-picked mowers of John Deere is the D140 model. 

However, some people have noticed some minor issues in this model. Then you may ask, will John Deere D140 be a good buy for you? Do people often find the problems in D140?

There is no doubt that John Deere D140 is a reliable mower and the problems you may face might be are often minor and can be solved easily with the company’s help or any expert in your locality. And it is unlikely that you will face the problems every time. It can happen quite randomly.

John Deere d140 Problems and Solutions:

Let’s learn about the problems that people have faced mostly in a John Deere D140. 

1. Engine problems

Among various reasons for your mower not working is an engine problem. there are various reasons why there is an engine problem.

Generally speaking, oxidized, outdated, and old gas in the tractor will cause power loss over time. When this problem continues for an extended period, it progressively affects the engine’s system, leading it to fail prematurely.

Some other problems with the engine are that it overheats or loses power from time to time when mowing. This can occur when the premix in the motor becomes contaminated, preventing the engine from running or operating the mower correctly, similar to the previous scenario.

2. Ways to solve the problems

If you consider the causes for being an outdated gas mix, you should change it as soon as possible. When gasoline is mixed with water, it may oxidize, resulting in death. It’s best to use gas with a 10 percent ethanol content or less. Ethanol-free gases are also effective.

If your premix has failed, you’ll have no choice but to evacuate the gas tank and fuel line and completely rinse out the contents. Try applying a fresh premix blend.

3. Transmission Problems

If you see the mower moving at a slower or hesitant speed, the most likely cause is a damaged or interrupted transmission. A similar problem arose with several grass owners.

Before moving on to the transmission, examine the outside, fuel levels, and engine, just like you would with any other problem.

You’ll have to disassemble the transmission now in order to examine it. If you see a strained gearbox, you’ll know why your tractor isn’t pushing up slopes or maintaining enough speed.

Transmissions on John Deere mowers aren’t supposed to be filled or drained, thus they don’t come with a fill cap or a drain stop.

Whenever the viscosity of the fluid is impeded, the transmission shall fail to convey any movement. In these situations, your only option is to go out and get a new transmission.

It’s a lot simpler to set it up than it is to manage a mower that doesn’t operate consistently.

4. Starter Problems

You’ve tested everything, including restarting the tractor, pressing the start button, and inspecting the battery and electrical outlets. And yet there is a problem with the start.

This is the moment for you to figure out where it is. Using a voltmeter is one clever and simple approach to do so.

Configure the voltmeter to DC and attach the cables to the battery’s negative side as well as the positive end of the solenoid starter’s battery terminal.

Start the engine to see if the tractor runs after fixing the wires or cables. Inspect the voltmeter for any indications on the screen at this stage.

If that doesn’t work follow the next solution.

Using a screwdriver to troubleshoot the mower might occasionally work and restart the machine for a short period. However, relying on a screwdriver every time you cut the grass isn’t feasible.

As a result, getting your hands on a fresh John Deere gearbox for this model is your only trustworthy and safe option.

After you’ve installed it and properly linked all of the adjacent parts and cables, your mower should start normally.

5. Electrical problems

Electrical problems in a John Deere machine might also lead to problems with the starter. While the consequences are similar, if there isn’t an issue with the transmission, the next objective is to test the electrical outlets.

The spark plug is usually the most obvious symptom of an electrical problem.

Now, to correct any problems with the spark plug, we must first wiggle it free from both ends of the engine. You may use pliers and a wrench to unclasp it at this point.

Using an emery board, sandpaper, or just your hands, remove any debris or filth. Even the tiniest bit of debris on the spark plug can trigger a misfire. Replace the metal connector and make sure it’s tight.

Furthermore, if the spark plug is corroded or rusted, you will need to replace it with a new piece. Spark plugs are inexpensive and available at a variety of mechanical outlets.

6. Fuel problems

Cracked gasoline hoses, troublesome fuel pumps, and poor fuel are all examples of chronic fuel disturbances.

To replace a fractured gasoline hose, first, buy a brand new one. Remove the old, worn-out one and replace it with the most recent one.

To insert the hose, start at the bottom and work your way up to the valve cover. It shouldn’t take much time to install the other side once you’ve put the open end at the base.

In other cases, it might be due to dirt accumulating at the bottom of the main fuel, causing a fuel obstruction.

Disconnect the hose and allow the petrol to flow freely. Wait for the gas to escape before reconnecting the hose to the filter.

The next step is to blast air into the gasoline line to clean it out. Allow the pressure to slowly dissipate rather than all at once.

This should solve the problem with the fuel of your mower.

What are the advantages of buying a John Deere D140?

The John Deere D140 is a great entry-level tractor. People have reviewed it as a great mower for anyone who is going for the first mower for their house.

It is also great for everyday use in a medium-size area. It can easily handle 2 – 4 Acres. It can also perfect cut even on hilly obstacle areas.

This mower has also reverse mowing which is very convenient. Hence, everyone loves this mower.


Without any doubt, John Deere mowers are one of the best mowers in the market. Among them, the D140 model is a great pick. Just like any other mowers of the same price it may show some issues while you are using it.  However, the percentage of facing a problem in this model is quite low. People love this one and you will have a great experience if you just take care of it regularly.

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