Native Plants

Regional Plant Lists

Here we present some representative native plants: trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants for different regions of the United States. To learn more about native plants


Greenworks vs. EGO

There are brands known to many and brands known to few. Greenworks and EGO compete in the gardening business, always trying to surpass each other. In this article, we search for which one’s the better lawn mower brand: Greenworks vs. EGO. We will try to explain the advantageous and disadvantageous sides to both Greenworks and EGO in all aspects. We have some titles about Greenworks vs. EGO to compare more easily.


Husqvarna 966532302 122HD45 Gas Hedge Trimmer Review

Consider what you will use the hedge trimmer for when choosing a hedge trimmer. Three main types of hedge trimmers are double-sided, single-sided, and posted. Do you prefer gas-powered or gasoline powered? Compare engine size, blade length, cutting diameter, weight, and price to rank the best gas-powered hedge trimmers. This Husqvarna gas hedge trimmer has a lot to do. It has a large cutting diameter.


How to Protect Trees and Plants From Insects and Sunburn

You wouldn’t guess our life and the light source sun can have some negative effects, right? If you are a beginner gardener, you would think you need to choose a place that receives sunlight well. But in a moment, you will learn why this is not recommended. You also need to do something against pests, right? They love plants and trees and mostly see them as a house. Insects can harm the plants and trees easily as much as excesive sun.

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